Alex Myles’s Astrology – Full Moon in Cancer and Mercury in Retrograde 18 January 2022

©Susan Seddon Boulet

Full Moon in Cancer

With the Full Moon is in Cancer the focus will be on love, intimacy, communication, compassion, emotions, family, friendship, relationships and intuition.

All signs will be affected but Cancer will be impacted more than others.

We will be feeing a deep desire to feel nourished, nurtured, cosy, protected, secure and safe. Especially as we will likely experience intense emotional tidal waves with sudden mood changes before, during and after this full moon.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, so when the moon is full and at home in her sign, we can expect our deep rooted feelings and sensitivities to surface and be amplified. The Full Moon always pushes and pulls emotions, but particularly so during a Cancer Full Moon.

Cancer corresponds with the 4th house, the house of childhood—correlating to the past, the beginning and the end of homely matters. Over this period we may be forced to look at our own role as a parent, or how we are/were parented, or both. Our parental instincts bring forth our defensive and fiercely protective reactions and we will awaken to overly possessive and controlling behaviours.

While the moon is shining a light on our feelings and evoking deep truths, we can work with the electrifying energy so our intuition and insight is magnified. We will be feeling more alert and have greater clarity about everything and everyone in our lives and this may bring breakthroughs and epiphanies, and we may not like what we are shown. If we witness sides to others that offend or shock us, we could easily become reactive and temporarily lose ourselves in anger or aggression.

Emotions can explode and raw “truths” and secrets may spill out as we are tempted to release our frustrations. However we will feel better in the long term if we try to show understanding , consideration and compassion rather than erupt in a dramatic and confrontational manner.

When we are triggered we may not react in a way that is true to our current circumstances. What we may think is an accurate response, quite often, is a delayed reaction to an accumulation of what has happened in the past, rather than what is happening in the present moment.

The Sun and Pluto in Capricorn are opposite the Full Moon, amplifying this potent energy. Pluto, the planet of transformation, is the most intense and perceptive planet in our solar system and will be encouraging us to let go of control, past trauma, irrational fears and insecurities. Pluto is a natural investigator and truth-seeker and will be showing us areas where we have been caught up in delusions and struggling between what is reality and fiction.

It also allows us to see where we have become entangled in power struggles and imbalances, particularly where there are obsessions or addictions to certain thoughts, patterns or people.
We are then able to understand which relationships or behaviors have been keeping us stuck and we can release our Cancer crab grip on all we have been clinging tightly to.

This is a time to communicate lovingly and respectfully and to think twice about how we have treated others, particularly those with whom we have held back emotions, played power games or used manipulation and silent treatment. If people are important to us it is the time to tell them, or if someone is unhealthy for us to be around, we can compassionately let go of dynamics that are out of alignment, whether with friends, family members or more intimate relationships.

This Full Moon will likely be a turning point for connections that are caught up in power struggles or where one person is putting in very little effort, bringing on a sense of rejection or abandonment. We will clearly see where it is vital that we, or others, show more affection and open up or realise it is time to release the hold, let go and finally receive closure where energies aren’t respectful or reciprocated.

Whatever we decide, this Full Moon opposite Pluto is supporting our evolution and bringing permanent transformation or endings to thoughts, habits, patterns, behaviors or possibly entire relationships.

Alex Myles

©Susan Seddon Boulet

Mercury in retrograde

Mercury is now retrograde, beginning in Aquarius and then moving to Capricorn on January 25.
Venus and Uranus are already retrograde, and Mercury has now joined them, however Uranus goes direct soon after, on January 18.

That will leave the two planets closest to the sun, Mercury and Venus, to retrograde together for a while, and during this time we can expect certain aspects of our personal lives to feel as though we are wading against the current. For every step forward it can seem like we take ten steps back and that it is extremely challenging to reach our desired destination.

This could mean that visions we had of how we wanted relationships or personal goals to work out, may now appear to have been fantasies or illusions. Mercury/Venus combined is forcing us to look again at who and what we are trying to manifest in our lives and why.

We will no longer find it easy to remain silent and bottle our emotions just to keep the peace. Mercury’s energy can create haywire with thoughts and feelings, and our emotions will be heightened, causing frustrations and miscommunication with loved ones. We will be struggling to understand those around us, and they will have difficulty understanding us, and our imaginations may be on overdrive. This is why it is always advisable to wait until Mercury’s Retrograde has ended before taking action on anything brought to our attention.

Venus is feminine energy, Yin, and Mercury is masculine energy, Yang, and the spotlight will be on connections that feel harmonious, like home. However, as these two planets are retrograde anything that has been rumbling under the surface will now unearth and can cause disharmony, bringing immense confusion, emotional instability and disarray.

We could see unresolved conflicts suddenly bring about major confrontations, flipping entire dynamics around, sending them from forward movement to reverse with no prior warning.
This period can be full of misunderstandings and it will be very easy to misconstrue other people’s intentions and feelings and to feel unloved or uncared for, when at the root of it is people’s capacity to communicate how they feel.

Bottled up emotions are going to fizz up and spill out, so if there are repressed emotional issues simmering, now is the time to work through them and find a way to communicate in a compassionate and sensitive way, rather than waiting for an explosion.

If there are break ups that need to happen, whether with a person, career path, unhealthy habit, delusions, limiting beliefs or perceptions, we are likely to experience the fall out over the next few weeks. If not the fall out, we will gain the clarity needed to start taking steps toward repairing and restructuring so that what is meant to be remains and what is not meant to be in our lives peacefully leaves. Venus and Mercury won’t allow us to remain safe in comfort zones that keep us stuck, replaying old patterns and behaviours that may be externally comfortable but are extremely uncomfortable and unhealthy internally.

It is now time to set intentions to align with what resonates and to begin releasing anything out of alignment.
We may find we are wanting to dig deeper to find the depth of our connections, and that we are no longer willing to connect on a surface level. Venus retrograde has been encouraging us to recognise our worth and to realise how we have lacked self-value and self-love due to continuing dynamics with people who don’t appreciate or value us.

This is a time for slowing down and reviewing and reassessing aspects of our lives and for being clear and calm, not a time for irrational and hot-tempered flare ups. It is also a time to reflect on how considerate we are to those we are closest to and how our communication style can have a dramatic impact on how those around us feel.

There are going to be so many dramatic twists and turns over the next few weeks, and while Mercury Retrograde is always a time to expect the unexpected, with Mercury being in unpredictable and disruptive Aquarius there will be no comparison to the bizarre happenings that occur during this period. Aquarius is particularly known for shock-tactics that cause maximum disruption in a minimum amount of time, so don’t be surprised if one moment all seems calm and the next a spontaneous outburst radically changes everything.

While Mercury is retrograde it can put us in a tailspin, where we spiral backward through anything in our lives that need reviewed, reassessed, reorganised or rebooted. As Mercury rules travel, technology, communication and the mind, when it is retrograde we can expect all of these things to also spin backward or break down during this period.

Since the beginning of Venus Retrograde we will all likely have had our own, and other people’s, love languages highlighted. Now Mercury is about to add a few plot twists to the mix, and show us how we often love people the way we want to be loved instead of the way they want and need to be loved. We are about to be shown how we are giving other people the type of love we really need to be giving ourselves, and also how important it is to understand what other people need so that they too feel loved.
It is likely we will also be reviewing how we have loved in the past, and old flames may return, even if it is just in thoughts and dreams, so we have the opportunity to see where we may have gone wrong and learn some valuable lessons.

Toward the end of January, as Venus Retrograde comes to an end, we will have received numerous breakthroughs regarding how we value ourselves and others and we will have come to the realisation that we have been struggling to really believe we deserve love it. In turn, we have not fully been able to show others the love they deserve.

This awakening will make us realise that love is love, regardless of how it is shown, and that we can become far too focused on what love should look and feel like, rather than accepting we all have our own unique ways of giving and receiving love. The most important lesson we can take from this is that when we learn how to love and value ourselves we find that we don’t need other people to fulfil us. Other people’s love is a bonus to what we already have within and when we can accept this on a deep internal level, we will never feel unloved, unworthy or unvalued again.

With an emotional Full Moon in Cancer on the way, on January 17, it is imperative that we start to release some of the built up tensions we have been feeling so that we don’t end up having a full-blow out with those closest to us. Between Mercury, Venus and the moon in Cancer, emotions will be heightened and we will likely be hyper-sensitive and tempted to release pent up heavy emotions on those around us, instead of doing the inner work and processing our emotions in a healthy and more rational way.

Retrogrades can feel extremely overwhelming, even if it is only minor things appearing to go wrong, and when there is an accumulation of small things in succession it can feel as though our entire lives are spinning out of control. The best way to get through retrogrades is to take things slowly, process energies as they come, reflect on why we are being shown certain situations and then just try to keep moving forward knowing that even though it doesn’t feel like it, everything is happening for our highest good. It won’t be long before everything returns to relative normal.

Mercury is here to show us anything that is out of alignment in our lives and to offer us a second chance review unfinished business and then repair, reconnect, reject, restructure or reboot before moving onward.

Alex Myles

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