“Pluto Returns strip us down, leaving us feeling raw and exposed. They then build us back up, new and improved, on a stronger, more solid, firmer, more sustainable, more authentic and aligned foundation. As anyone who has been through a Pluto Return aka Dark Night of the Soul knows, it is a brutal process. Yet it is necessary if we are to step out of lives that we have outgrown, lives or identities that have become too comfortable or uncomfortable, too false, too out of alignment with who we really are. The ending of an Age, of a Great Cycle and of a Grand Cycle is like a Pluto Transit on steroids!

We are all in it now. The Shift of the Ages. The final healing and the great cleansing/clearing. Your life has prepared you for this moment. None of us really know where this is all going, but if the last couple of years have taught us anything it is that we need to let go of our need to plan and control the future. The bigger questions are:

How are you navigating your Now?

How are you using each day that is given to you?

How is your relationship with your Self?

How is your relationship with those you love the most?​” ​ 

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‘Sacred Whispers’ ‘Sacred Journey’ ‘Spiritual Quest’ A Pilgrimage to Unlock the Sacredness of Life.
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