The significance of these times…


I have prepared something for Paradisal on our website, that begins for the week starting 5th December 2021. However I felt with what is happening worldwide, that I utilise some of the works today and share with all. With so much Love to all Para Kas-Vetter xxooxx 2 December 2021

The significance of these times…

Part 1: Be your own hero

“I have noticed lately that worldwide like with all of us, that there are those that can actually create more division than unity by asking people to rebel against Donald Trump rather than realise that this is not about Donald Trump blame, because he is simply told what to do by those who know the whole operation of what is to be done to dismantle completely the whole corrupt system. Donald Trump is simply one person of an enormous amount of those behind the scenes in working decades to be where we are right now, in dismantling the very core of the corruption. And everyone of those on the moral and Light side are doing their part. And we need each other dearly to complete the very dismantle of the corrupt.

This is not about America or China or Australia or Russia. It is not about Donald Trump or Q movement. It is not about Patriots. And it is not about one individual hero. It is a WHOLE world of souls working together all doing their part to dismantle completely the very core of the corrupt matrix.

When we have only one person or two or even few wanting to now lose hope, which is totally understandable, it really does not help anyone who simply are holding from the thread of hope that maybe there is a saviour out there to help them. Forgetting that they too have to do their part to contribute to the whole.

All of us have suffered immensely and it has not been at all easy especially when having to do our part. When the world right now is in that metamorphosis transition state and are about to be set free, there is a saying just at the last moment before dawn is when they must not give up and there cannot be short cuts.

It is not at all easy when you see those petrified or lose their souls or lives. It becomes an enormous weight on the shoulders for so many of us. There is so much true evidence of changes and nearing the finish line.

I found a way to maybe help those who are losing hope. I don’t know if the following will help but it is absolutely perfect to trying to hopefully help others realise this is not about Donald Trump and to not create a hate blame trump time. This is not going to help. It is simply distractions from what the true focus and moral of what the changes is all about. We have to remember he has also contributed to the whole of actually helping many to wake up. He is part of a whole of so many of us who are here to do our part.

Of course this is not about suppressing our emotions. The feelings of anger and sadness and disappointments and confusion must be embraced so that those feelings are honoured. And sometimes people do find comfort in doing this online to find comfort that others might feel the same. We must find a way to let others know that although it is understandable how they feel, to remember this is not all about Donald Trump or to create a hate blame for him. He is only given instructions to do his part.”

Para Kas-Vetter

I Am My Own Hero

“LYRICS – I Am My Own Hero (Official Lyric Video) Fearless Soul Ft. Rachael Schroeder

I am perfectly capable
of creating a life I love
I am learning to trust myself
And make peace with what I can’t controlI always have a say in who I am today
And I can always change who I’m becoming
This is my life, I am my own hero
Nobody but me can decide where I will go
This is my time, no matter what life throws
I always have the power to change my state of mind

This is my life (my life)
This is my life (I decide)Owning all of my past mistakes
Moving forward with more confidence
I don’t know what the future holds
But I choose to count my blessings everyday

I always have a say in who I am today
And I can always change who I’m becomingThis is my life, I am my own hero
Nobody but me can decide where I will go
This is my time, no matter what life throws
I always have the power to change my state of mind

This is my life (my life)
This is my life (I decide)I will never win by holding onto pain
Happiness begins within
Day by day I will keep building my future
Nothing can get in my way

This is my life, I am my own hero
Nobody but me can decide where I will go
This is my time, no matter what life throws
I always have the power to change my state of mind

This is my life, I am my own hero
Nobody but me can decide where I will go
This is my time, no matter what life throws
I always have the power to change my state of mind

This is my life (my life)
This is my life (I decide)
This is my life (my life)
This is my life (I decide)
This is my life”

Part 2: You are about to emerge or fly

The Butterfly and The Cocoon – Struggle Makes You Stronger (Motivational Video) Fearless Soul

“Transcript – Butterfly Cocoon – A Story of Struggle (Motivational Video) Fearless Soul

I came across this powerful story that really highlighted how our STRUGGLES form our greatest STRENGTHS.

When you listen to this story, see if you can apply it, not just to your life, but also to those who you love… sometimes you have the best intentions to help others through trying to eliminate their struggles, when really all they need is to know that they can handle it on their own.

The story goes like this:

There once was a man who came across a Butterfly cocoon. 

Curious to see the butterfly emerge, the man sat and watched for many hours as the butterfly struggled to force its body through a small hole.

 Then, nothing… the butterfly appeared to stop making any progress – it seemed to the man that the butterfly had gone as long and as far as it could and could struggle no more.So, with the best intentions, the man decided he had to help the butterfly… he grabbed a pair of scissors and cut off the remaining bit of the cocoon.

With the cocoon cut open, the butterfly no longer had to struggle and emerged easily… however… as it emerged, the man noticed it had a swollen body, and small shrivelled wings… 

The man continued to watch, expecting the butterfly to grow it’s wings and fly away… However, this did not happen, the butterfly spent the rest of its very short life crawling around the ground with a swollen body and small wings, unable to fly.Although the man had the best intentions, what he failed to understand was that the cocoon’s job is to provide the STRUGGLE and RESISTANCE the butterfly needs to GROW.

The restriction from the tiny opening of the cocoon is exactly what is needed because it forces fluid from the body of the butterfly into its wings, which enables the wings to GROW and prepare it for FREEDOM once it EARNS its way out of the cocoon.There’s a powerful life lesson here:

 Our STRUGGLES always give us STRENGTH.

 Sometimes the STRUGGLES we go through are exactly what we need to GROW and DEVELOP.

Although it is never fun in the moment… we can almost always look back on difficult moments as crucial times that changed us for the better in some way.

We all face struggle, and sometimes we watch those we love struggle as well – and although we don’t wish upon anyone hard times, we all need them for growth and for strength. 

Trying to avoid struggle… taking the easy path… will only lead to a harder life… to greater struggles, later on.

Cursing the world and blaming struggles and circumstances for where you are will never help either.You must FACE your struggles and LEARN from them, use the hard times of your past to your advantage.

 You must FACE YOUR STRUGGLES and believe you have the strength to overcome them. If you can do that, you WILL over come them.

There’s no shame in struggle… we all face our own battles in life… they are part of our journey, part of our STORY, pieces of our puzzle.Next time you are going through a challenge or a struggle, remind yourself:
This struggle is STRENGTHENING ME.
This struggle is preparing me for something bigger and better BETTER.
This struggle was sent to make me STRONGER… WISER… BETTER.
It was sent to give me strength, so I can FLY.

Sometimes the STRUGGLES we go through are exactly what we need to GROW and DEVELOP.”

Part 3. The significance of December 4th 2021

“★・ 。・:*: MOON MUSINGS゚★・ 。・:*:

I’m ready to hear it.
My soul no longer fits inside of
this life I’ve created.
I need more.
I am more.
I’ve moved beyond that mountain you placed before me and I no longer fear the terrain.

Everything unravelled on that climb, pieces of me died and I wondered why you
pushed me so far.
But the medicine of my wild and free spirit brought growth from the grit and
expansion from the exhaustion
And now I stand on this summit reflecting how I came alive in the chaos and mystery of it all.
I look towards the horizon and embrace endless new possibilities.

I have fire breathing life inside of these tired bones and I will not be tamed.
So talk to me of leading-edge truths that take me beyond these limitations
And shatter the illusions I still cling to.

Show me the adventures yet to come and let hope flood into the spaces I’ve created for it.
I will listen without judgement and own the soul story you mirror back to me of this one daring and brave life I’m living.
Where every loss has become my greatest lesson and every wound my battle scar of truth.

Now I see a new quest emerging and it rings loudly in my ears and beats strongly in my heart.
There is no way back.
So I will welcome in the wide open plains that hold the endless belief of a better way, a better life and a better me.

Ready to think the impossible and be tethered to a hopeful promise,
born from the dreamers and the healers, the seers and the wild souls.

The future, not just a mirror to the past but a limitless galaxy of opportunity.
Watching as the broken pieces melt in the fire, and fears are transmuted into
a molten mess before shapeshifting into something beautiful and poetic.

A new journey begins,
vital, alive and pulsing with an energy
that is not of this world
and yet now a part of it.

To be present and patient in this tug of war will illuminate that the only antidote is to be a warrior of love.

・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ 。・:*:・゚★・ 。・:。・:*:・゚★,。

A powerful statement is made with this years New Moon Solar Eclipse at 12 degrees of Sagittarius.

This Energy conversation is a historic moment of accelerated change that stretches out towards new horizons of hope that still feel to mythical to fully grasp.

It brings a potent climax to the storyline that’s played out in the cosmos during the Gemini/Sagittarius Eclipse cycle and offers a final review and release as new pathways are opened and old doorways firmly close.

Time to rise higher than the energy that limits you and the white noise that binds you to a lesser version of yourself.

Self imposed sanctions will be broken as you perceive who you are with new awareness and set your sights higher than ever before.

With Mercury joining this vibrant energy your thoughts are challenged and communication can be intelligent, progressive and energised.

Sagittarius energy is about the desire “to see” This is a beautifully dynamic, vital and progressive New Moon, if you give yourself permission “to see” it will expand your mind and change the way that you look at everything. Leading to a new chapter that wants to awaken you to the unseen magic of this world.

Eclipse energy can wake you up suddenly to the truth, feeling the urgency to embark on a journey that requires you to be braver than you believe you can be. But your story is one that is defined by an indestructible spirit and a fire that will never go out.

Don’t deceive yourself and try to fall back into old ways, there is too much light in your path to not see things for what they are at this point in the journey. Trust where you’re being guided by the spirit fire that burns brightly within you.

May you discover new mysteries that ignite a revolution as you plant the seeds of tomorrow and lace them with lessons of wisdom and love.

Bright Blessings
Romy Wyser 🖤

(Moon Musings are my personal intuitive insights into the energies and astrological influences of these celestial events.
I welcome and so appreciate your shares but please credit my work fully if you do, thank you so much )

・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ 。・:*:・゚★・ 。・:。・”

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