Melbourne World Freedom Rally 5.0

This should surely show you Australia is UNITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ​

​The footage is priceless. It shows clearly the enormity that were at the Worldwide Freedom Rally in Melbourne on 20th November 2021. It takes you through the whole rally of exactly how many are truly awake and rising!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

450,000- 500, 000 plus at the rally on 20th November 2021. Very emotional time!!! UNITED we truly are. 

True Arrow ​  remarkably  did the footage.  “ABC reported “thousands” and there was no frontpage mention or pictures of this crowd on the newspapers this morning!!!” 
“Paul Kaspar (vocals) and Bradley Marshall (keyboard and back-up vocals) are the performers of the first song “Rise”.””The second song is by ‘Who’s Asking” ”  True Arrow

“This brought a tear to the eye, seeing how strong humanity has become. We have had it relatively easy in Australia for so long compared to a lot of countries but now that our backs are against the wall and we have come together in such numbers, well informed and without hate, I have never been so proud of my countrymen. This movement only continues to grow and we have already reached critical mass. Well done everyone who has consciously chosen to be part of this Great Awakening when it might have seemed easier to sit on the sidelines.”GuyC7 ​

Video by ‘bt_cinematic’ gives clear indication how many truly went on the 20th November 2021 in Melbourne.​ 


Photos taken by a dear love one ‘Cindy Lever Photography’

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