The Heart

“With the changes occurring worldwide, it is easy to be consumed by the essence of what appears on the surface. It is when we go deep within that we find ourselves starting to see layers that were placed there to help protect the pain or defend that which we know to be true. It is not until we look deep within that something begins to stir. The heart begins to feel. We never thought to feel it again. But it begins to stir. The soul begins to remember.

I find it remarkable that we find ourselves in circumstances or situations that lead us to have to face our fears or stand in our truth of what we know to be true to our hearts and souls. It is as if we were infused by sign posts that every time we feel we are forgetting, there is a trigger within that helps us to stay awake, to remember, to start going within the shadows and clear them out. To see the truth of life, to know that our Divine selves are trully worth exploring and allowing them to thrive.

Our whole lives we have had to find ourselves constantly battling with our minds and fighting wars. It is all we have known for what has felt eternal life. It is when these astounding changes start to occur, that we begin to realise the importance of why this massive transformation is taking place. It is when we start to feel the beating of our heart, and feel the essence of the truth touch the core elements of our fibres that we start to stir within. Like a rumbling of the earth when there is an earthquake, or the drums begin to scatter the crystals on its base to form together into something magical.

The sign posts of life were always there to help us see but what happens when we fall asleep? When we are numbed or consumed with fear or controlled by external influences? What happens then?

The soul never dies. The soul never forgets. The soul never stops living. It is the truth of existence. You will never forget. You will never stop living. You will never sleep forever. At some point something happens. Something so magnificent that it turns the world around. Your soul stirs your heart to remember.

I know that which is true. I know it with all of my heart. I know it I see it and I have experienced it. It is called Unconditional Love. Pure Love. Love Light. The type of love that you see with the pureness of life. No agendas. No hidden plans. No strategic ulterior motives. Simply PURE LOVE. That is what stirs the heart and helps one remember. And once it awakes you and a ripple effect occurs, the unthinkable happens. The most extraordinary Miracle of all Miracles Occurs.

Once you awake, even if you try to go back to sleep, you have initiated something in your heart. You have begun to remember how to feel.

And once that happens

it becomes the most dynamic force.


THE Most Powerful force.”

Para Kas-Vetter

Everything is rising now … EVERYTHING!

In one world .. the world of separation and fear – anger, confusion, panic, blame, lethargy, denial … are rising and being played out.

In the other world .. the world coming into unity and Love – connection, support, community, kindness, are rising, growing and forming.

Within this particular world I am witnessing those of the medical professions who did not comply with the narrative and have found themselves … outside of the system, begin to come to together with new ideas of an integrative health and well being system that looks at the wholistic approach of living a healthy balanced life and teaching people how to do this.

I’m seeing teachers who have found themselves in the same boat as the medicals … teaching outdoors, in nature, under trees and by beaches! Or beginning to set up home schooling as an alternative to main stream schools.
Do you see now why change had to come?

I take nothing away from those whose life’s have been tipped upside down over recent months, and who have lived with anxiety and stress, however … look what is already forming in just a couple of days since their normal .. got shattered!

We will see this more and more as ‘change’ sweeps through every facet of our lives. New ways, new ideas, new action, new systems, … all equates to the new world now physically forming here!

Everything will break down and reform, somethings will do this again and again under the fit with the new world energies is felt!
And we are the pioneers, the builders, the imagineers… the Creators.

Wow! Have you asked yourself the question yet… ‘Who am I really, if I came here for / on purpose, to be on the leading edge of this change!’

Only the strongest, clearest, most committed were chosen to hold the space for change to happen … and in the process have their own lives tipped inside out and still hold that space for Love and Truth to rise!………….

Janine Savient

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