Inconvenient Truths: Astrology Forecast September 26th – October 3rd, 2021

Inconvenient Truths: Astrology Forecast September 26th – October 3rd, 2021

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

“All this week and right through October, Mercury is flying back and forth between the upper world and the underworld with important communications from the Gods of Change. On September 26th the Guide of Souls stations at his most Tricksterish to turn retrograde at 25 Libra until October 18th.

The winged Messenger is in cahoots with both Pluto and Disruptor Eris until the beginning of October. This is absolutely not the time to dodge or fudge important issues or avoid difficult conversations- Pluto is relentless in revealing inconvenient truths, working under the radar and bringing revelations, corruption and secrets into the bright light of day.

This is the 3rd and last Mercury Retrograde of 2021. Unusually, all 3 have been in Air signs – Aquarius/ Gemini/ Libra – the intellectual communicators of the zodiac. Given that Mercury is the planet of communication, thinking, and information, you could say that this is a double mercurial whammy. But hiding at the core of the cosmic chaos, this final Mercury retrograde of 2021 is an opportunity to reset the way you habitually think and interact, to be more mindful about the power of your words and more intentional and kinder in how you speak to yourself on a 24/7 loop.

Walk your talk and be absolutely straight, transparent, congruent and in integrity. Knowing that anything fake, flaky or false will fail. Cutting corners will not work, nor will anything remotely superficial.

Do an Integrity Cleanse by asking: “Where am I out of integrity? Where am I not feeling what I feel, knowing what I know, saying what I believe and doing what feels most right?” Once you’ve identified the duplicity, come back into integrity. Speak your truth. Act on it.

No matter what, the more honest you are, the more magical you get.”

In the midst of a forest, a great circular open area.

“In Celtic lands, steeped in a power beyond the world, there were openings always into other times and places, from within this time and place. Discovering once again these passages, and sending an expanded part of yourself to explore and inhabit all of the times and places officially denied. And being therefore given to a harkening to the unknown, and to the sensibility of simultaneously feeling linked up with just about everybody everywhere in a mystical, magical realization that pulls you along and calls one to become free and true, you walk onward into the limitless ways as though you had never lost them and no time had elapsed between great inward breaths.” “

~ Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale



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