Beautiful Full Moon Blessings PISCES FULL MOON ~ ‪September 20th‬

★・ 。・:*: MOON MUSINGS゚★・ 。・:*:
PISCES FULL MOON ~ ‪September 20th‬

When the solar storms overwhelm you
It’s in the stillness you find your breath
where your struggle becomes your strength.

When the void consumes you
It’s in the calmness you feel your truth
where hope gathers in secret places.

When the heaviness obscures the path
It’s in the quietness your vision gets clear
and your soul softens to allow it.

When the tiredness wrecks you
It’s in the restfulness your body awakens
as you soothe it with nature’s nourishment.

When the divide devastates you
It’s in the sacred you find the answers
a voyage of soul retrieval to remember who you are.

When the doubts crush you
It’s in the serenity you find your peace
where oceans of love heal the shipwrecks in your soul.

When you have no words,
the stars will speak your language.
When you have no faith,
the healing rivers will carry you.
When you have no answers,
the divine light will find you.

When you don’t know if you’re ok.
This Moon is whispering
I’ve got you.

。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ 。・:*:・゚★・ 。・:

An enchanting Full Moon in Pisces at 28 degrees illuminates the oceans of healing energies that seek to soothe your soul.

The blessings of Mercury joining forces with Jupiter activate powerful winds of fate. Messages are hand delivered and bring a sense of peaceful closure and a time to release the tension of where you’ve been holding on too tight. Harness this energy to find the current of new directions and learn to face the waves that unsettle you. Take this time to remember and recall your emotional journey and all that you have navigated your way through so that you find greater trust in yourself and your own unique path.

Acknowledge your need for change, fluidity and calm to keep your vibration lifted. The mutable energies activated under this Full Moon are supported with grounded earth medicine offering you a beautiful window to find your fairytale and watch it come true.

The Full Moon in Pisces is going to bless you with the vision to capture the whispers of your desires and be guided to let go of what is now toxic to your soul. The revelations that emerge will help attune you to a higher vibration so you may sense your way effortlessly between the myriad of narratives in your life to focus and prioritise on what you truly want to manifest into being.

An intense meeting with Mercury and Pluto demands that information be scrutinised and that when the truth is unearthed, radical change must be embraced. Emotions are heightened and challenges may be thrown around carelessly, disapproving and unreasonable demands are cast up as La Luna opposes fiery Mars. Your way forward lies not in the drama and frenzy but in the stillness of your soul. Let it all wash over you, and the projections pass right through you.

This is the most beautiful blend of practical magic as the Virgo/Pisces soul story becomes a cosmically charged wave that will help to clear the debris from the upheaval you’ve felt and leave you feeling cleansed and quietly reflective.

As you seek the shore, Neptune calls to you, awakening your muse and activating new imaginative ideas. They are rich creative treasures that have lay hidden in the depths of your arduous journey and they’re now ready to be washed ashore.

Beautiful Full Moon Blessings
Romy Wyser

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