The Light has Arrived! BE-LIVE poem by Para Kas-Vetter

The Light has Arrived! BE-LIVE.

Sky shine Bright upon you
God’s Will makes Darkness fall,
So as to bring the Truth forth to you.

Oh how far we have come
and how we now desire to reunite with the essence of who we always were.

Know that the times have arrived and you see it all around you now.

Shadows fall, darkness no more.
Sun rises it has never left your side this I know.

Move with the flow. Let not yourself falter.
Believe that what you know to be true
Feel it in the depths of your soul,
Is honourable Is True.

Find your path, find your way!
Know your way.

Memories abound my soul so deep
I begin to re-member
I begin to rise again.

I hold the truth close to my heart
and know when to reveal each aspect.
I know that those weary or those that do not make it through
makes those still here stronger and more powerfully determined
To ensure that the whole truth be disclosed
so that we can all stand tall again
and bloom as ought to.

The storm is here and it is going to get more powerfull but know this the sea is also here to know that your prayers are heard.

Trumpets blow and bells ting and yet the music of Heaven is ever so much more clear across the earth and beyond – it immerses its love to ensure that the Light prevails without a doubt.

Magic Miracles do unfold for those that Believe and for those that hope.

You may not be able to see that which is there,
but soon you will see it so every clear as never before.

The losses have been great but the gains will become even more greater
for that which was taken will be also filled.
What cannot be replaced can be made up for.

©Para Kas-Vetter

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