Paradisal: addendum

“Trust your magic, its there <3

Speak it! You are already there.

So much good is coming your way and into your life right now. Clarity, insight, abundance, breakthroughs, love, awareness, guidance, and positivity are all in your reality at this moment. It’s not somewhere distant. It’s now.

Own it as truth for yourself. Start to see what’s flourishing, thriving, and blooming in your life. Look for what’s going right. There’s many things happening in your favor even when it feels like you’re up against something. What if you saw it as a breakthrough. Your mind is opening up to a greater understanding of yourself. This new insight is giving you more clarity on your mental power, perspective, and emotional intelligence. You’re learning that it’s al just a moment unfolding itself.

Even the hardest times has a new beginning that follows it. Nothing bad last forever. All good is there and continuous. We just keep remembering that it has always been. This is where miracles become a natural part of your life. A constant flow because you know it’s part of life. It’s who you are. You speak it powerfully over your life as it will dissolve any resistance or negativity.

Your mindset, words, and feels should always be charged with – I am a miracle – this reminds you of your truth and puts you back to focus on your abundance and expansive spirit. You are glowing light. Good is here. It’s okay. You are doing your best just how you are and this realization will bring you a greater inner peace to open your heart and mind to receive all that’s constantly being given to you.

Celebrate your life today. Smile and be the source of love beaming from within.

Idil Ahmed”

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