Shifts that take place as we raise our Vibrations

Thank you to the Artist of the above Glorious Art

“As we raise our vibration we automatically start un-aligning with everything and everyone who is not calibrating at our same frequency.

* Relationships fall apart… Literally couples are no longer on the same wavelength. This is why we can’t understand why we ever fell for our exes in the first place lol … However when people grow consciously at different rates, the relationship will not be able to maintain the connection.

* Friends drift away… Suddenly we don’t have so much in common anymore. Things they say, that they’ve always said, suddenly start to make us feel uncomfortable … Maybe how they gossip, put people down, continually complain or lie.

* Our social life changes… Preferring to leave behind the party scene to stargaze on a Saturday night. Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs are no longer needed as we have a new found respect and honour for our bodies.

* How we spend our free time differs … Maybe less shopping and more nature walks. We choose to stay out of the matrix where we can connect to Gaia and our hearts without the distractions of the 3d world

Our whole world shifts to a new calibration of reality

We have changed
We have grown
We have raised our frequency
We have changed our world

So of course we have to leave behind the old to make space for the new… Like a snake shedding it’s skin.
This happens automatically, as the quantum field magnetises to us the new people and circumstances that we are aligning with, and repels whoever and whatever we are no longer a vibrational match to.

We start seeing a more positive world, filled with love, peace and happiness . We begin to notice the birds singing, the flowers blooming and the sun setting. We’re not as angry or as stressed as we once were and we feel as if we’re seeing the world through a whole new lens… Because we are

This is literally how we make the shift
The world doesn’t change… We change and align with a new reality.”

Karen Star

From Raising Vibrations:

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