“I Welcome Miracles into My Life”

“Transcendence is the power to be born anew, to make a fresh start, to turn over a new leaf, to begin with a clean slate, to enter into a state of grace, to have a second chance.

…when you enter a state of transcendence you are able to create a new life, unburdened by both the victories and the defeats of the past.

Transcendence is more than just the accurate realisation that the past is over. It is also a realignment of all dimensions of yourself with the very source of your life.”

Robert Fritz

Preparing you for a Dream Bigger than you can Imagine.”

– Destiny and fate

– Fate will take a strong hand and redirect your path

– What you do after this redirection is in your own hands

– Unexpected good fortune for the faithful to the higher good

– Completion and solution

– Change and advancement for the better

– Change may come from within

Open Opportunities Of the Heart and Soul

welcomes new paths and opportunities

brings awareness, clarity, truths become more apparent

as lower densities removed/leave, higher vibrations take over, greater protection and support now available


Things will become clearer and more defined.

More is going to make sense.

Greater awareness and realisations will become apparent.

Innocent Heart Oracle Cards

by Scott Alexander King, illustrated by Sharon Mcleod

Oracle 16 – The Little Fox Girl

“I had a dream once about a precious little Arctic Fox. She appeared as a little girl with Beautiful black eyes and long, pure white hair. Her face was as white as snow. She….told me that when she was a baby Fox, she loved to use her tail to swoosh the snow into the air because as it fell, little rainbows would form as the sun shone through the snowflakes. She told me her mummy used to do the same thing when she was little and that it wasn’t until she was all grown – up that she realised that was why she loved to make the dear little rainbows.

The Little Fox Girl told me that one day, her mummy had grown into a big Fox, she had woken up feeling as if something quite extraordinary was about to happen. She stepped out of her den filled with new feeling of confidence….and the most magical thing of all happened….…”

“In order to realise your life purpose….remember what made your heart sing….that affirms your reason for being born.”

“Life purpose is easily found in the memory of the simple things……”

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