“I tell you a mystery….”

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There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled.

There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled.

You feel it, don’t you?

– Rumi

“Listen, I tell you a mystery. We will not all sleep, but we will all be changes – in a flash – in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet.” 1 Corinthians 15:51

In Greek Mythology, Alcyone, daughter of the ruler of the Winds, Aeolus, married Ceyx, King of Thessaly. The story goes that Ceyx drowned at sea, and Alcyone in her grief threw herself into the waves. But was saved by God, thus rewarding her for her devotion. Instead transforming Alcyon into a bird, and the wind taking her to Ceyx.

Ancients prefer to keep sacred the mythology of Halcyon. Rather than for what Halcyon represents in current times, a European Kingfisher, Ancients have preserved Halcyon to represent a Happy, Tranquil, Peaceful and Calmness symbolic meaning. The Halcyon bird had the Power to Calm the waves of the Aegean Sea, so that the nest floated above, making it possible for Halcyon (Alcyon transformed into a bird) to brood her eggs.

Thus, Halcyon is Harbinger of Love, Joy, Faithfulness, Magic, Strength, Honour, Peace, Wisdom, Harmony, Calmness and Hope.

What is also very interesting to note is that Pluto, the planet is considered to be the most powerful of all planets because it is responsible for the alchemist of Truth being brought to LIGHT, and responsible for breaking down and dismantling whatever is not authentic. It is no wonder several scientists amongst the astrological fields were trying to destroy it. I wonder why? Especially when Pluto enforces change, worth, value, wealth and authenticity and within us, above all else.

“There is a shift happening now, where anything inauthentic can no longer survive….It’s happening to bring you back home to who you truly are….so you can live a life that is in alignment with who you truly are.” Rebecca Campbell

“We must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” Joseph Campbell

“Let’s begin with the uncomfortable truth:

Most of us in the modern world have resigned ourselves to a cliched existence, indulging in endless distractions.

We go through life with minimal or pseudo-faith, and avoid grasping the emptiness of our lives. We are endlessly haunted by the shallowness of our relationships, neurotic issues, and inescapable loneliness.

And yet there’s so much more to us as a species than what we really know.

You and I carry the most mysterious and magnificent qualities within us imaginable. Yet, we unknowingly guard and protect the greatest gift that is our Souls from the world.

It’s so easy for us to feel meaningless when we perceive ourselves as mere cogs in society’s machine.

The truth is that we are much more than slaves of 9 to 5 jobs. We are capable of creating deeply meaningful, mystical, and fulfilling lives. We are capable of finding our true calling and personal destiny.

For centuries the indigenous people throughout the world have known that to fully explore the depths of the Soul we must go on a spiritual journey into the unknown lands within ourselves.”

“The spiritual journey is a personal quest we undertake to reconnect with our Souls, find our authentic life purpose, and embody our True Nature. In a nutshell, the spiritual journey is about returning to the Centre of our being….”

“People have felt a pull toward something greater than themselves since the beginning of time.

Ancient cultures had many stories that served to illustrate the journey to fulfilling one’s destiny and experiencing Wholeness or Enlightenment. These journeys mythologist Joseph Campbell described as the “Calls to Adventure.””

“The archetype of the hero/heroine discovering their true spiritual nature goes back thousands of years. The Greek’s told the story of Orpheus who descended into the underworld to rescue his bride Eurydice from Hades. The Nordic people had their hero-warrior Beowulf, and the Sumerians wrote of Inanna who battled her sister in the dark world. Throughout history, there have been so many stories of individuals who have struggled through hardship to find themselves. But of what importance are they to our path?

Essentially, these hero/ines symbolize our spiritual journeys: of leaving everything familiar behind, entering the unknown, encountering numerous unconscious monsters, and finally returning back home with a sense of renewed fulfillment and wisdom.

‘The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep. You must ask for what you really want. Don’t go back to sleep. People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch. The door is round and open. Don’t go back to sleep.’ – Rumi”

Mateo Sol

“There are a billion murals on a billion walls, and the person chooses one and falls down before it and devotes himself to it. He spends a thousand years trying to decipher it. So be it. Eventually, he’ll wind his way out of the labyrinth. Then he’ll enter another labyrinth and undergo the same process. He’ll do this on and on and on, and finally he’ll see that he can imagine his own labyrinth. So he does. He invents many labyrinths. Then one day, it’ll occur to him that he can imagine whatever he wants to it. It doesn’t have to be labyrinth.” Jon Rappaport

“Having Faith

There are times when you have to have faith and experience things without your safety net. When you reach the point where you trust The Universe that much, you will be willing to jump and know there will always be something/someone there to catch you. ~ Creator”

“Belief that it’s possible is essential. But belief by itself is not nearly enough. It has to do with the art of transcendence. You’re drawn through life by the possibility that there’s something much greater than what you witness merely on the surface. Through deep meditation and challenging the limitation of the bodymind ego, you start to unfold into the quantum field, from which all crystallises. This is totally magical when you start to experience it in the beginning – random acts of divine magic manifest around you in life.

It’s so awe inspiring, that at first, you can’t quite convince yourself that you’re actually doing it. That is until it starts happening plentifully, and you witness it adjoining the times where you have really opened up……………..

……….As the power of this mystical energy starts to speak into you, it’s going to move you in such a manner as to test and activate all the inner ties of limitation: in the mind for example where you doubt yourself or where you have poverty consciousness; on the emotional plane where you struggle with setting boundaries in relationship; or in the physical where you seek the crutch of soft comfort. This is where becoming the monk is essential – you have to apply some of the ancient practices in your life to feel the contracting attachments and break through them.

………….The more you become that which is challenging the small “I” identification, all the fears and ties that hold you back, then these ties transform into the strings that play the multidimensional music – each distortion breaks open to reveal a hidden gift of the soul. The more you then play this melody, the more you unleash the power of the dragon. You find yourself becoming the dragon: it expresses and speaks through you – it manifests magically around you. You start to unleash the phenomenal power of the Universal Torus……………………….It’s simply beyond words at what can transpire as you progressively break down the many layers of the egoic self. It’s a mighty challenge indeed, but mightily worth it. Each layer unveils a new gift of beingness, a new string to your harp, which begins to play a melody, so sweet and so compelling, that it can’t fail to conjure the mighty mystical dragon of the Universal Torus into your life.”

“Just When The Caterpillar Thought the World Was Over, It Became a Butterfly”


Creed – With Arms Wide Open (Lyrics)

“If I can help my children Operate in authentic power I will leave this earth A happy fulfilled woman”
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