Saratoga Ocean: Awakening Struggles


Saratoga Ocean presents a sensational and exceptional video that provides the most important key factors of awakening.

  1. – The struggles of awakening and the reasons behind it
  2. – The significance of and why one has suppressed their highest potential of self
  3. – How trying to fit in to the status quo and the deep need for compliance contributes to where society stands today and the division.
  4. – The fear factor and how it contributes to your struggles
  5. – Indoctrinated, often inherited, belief systems with the aim of control
  6. – How to find your true self
  7. – How to find greater peace
  8. – How to connect with others and or yourself during the times of fear, compliance, awakenings and changes in life
  9. – Reveals “the unconscious paradigm the controllers have programmed into humanity, and how this is standing between you as an awakening being and the people in your life”
  10. – Provides key introspection, thoughts to reflect upon and solutions

This video that we highly recommend is a result of Synchronicity, Serendipity and Epiphany. 

We also thank this link  ​

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