Magical Expressions to describe Nature

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“Majestic mountain ranges, magnificent scenery, and seemingly endless colour changes”

“with a new respect”

“remember with awe”

wild flowers and “the multitude of flowers that grow”

allure and mystique”


notable qualities

diversity of land forms and habitat types”



a region of rainforest, wild wetlands teeming with waterbirds….soaring escarpments and deep gorges act by rivers alive with cascading waterfalls.”

lightning storms serrate the heavy grey skies while…soft balmy breezes rustle the canopy of palm trees overhead.”

wild majesty of the country”

Magnificently varied”

renowned for its fossils”

appreciate the truly great natural wonders they exhibit”

vast river systems and spectacular wetlands”

magical paradise”

crystal-clear lakes, spectacular coloured sands, immense sand-blows, lush rain-forests, giant trees and abundance wildlife is a miracle of nature”


In recognition of its outstanding natural values”

exceptional beauty”

more rewarding”

testimony to the island’s magic”



many opportunities for memorable encounters”



great opportunities”

enormous folds and formations of the …Ranges”

green sanctuary”


exhilarating and wonderful experience”

magnificent colours, expansive skies….panoramic displays of the starts, and the sounds of peaceful isolation and solitude”

big-hearted people”

heart-warming experience”

endless opportunities for exploring….stark and beautiful country”

never underestimate the vastness and potential”



rugged mountains”

magnificent snowfields”

breathtakingly beautiful”

Quotes from The Australia Road and Terrain 1st Edition Hema Maps

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