Ringing in the ears: The Ringing In The “Now” – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali


Ringing in the ears—either right or left or both at the same time—in low or high sounds—is one of the “Light Activation Symptoms” (LAS) which most people have experienced for several months or even years.

Many have sought traditional medical attention thinking that they have what is called “Tinnitus”, and doctors have given them various kinds of tests such as deeply penetrating medical utensils being shoved into the ears, looking into the brain with radiation devices, or just having a general hearing test where certain sounds—gradually increasing in volume— were sent into the ears.

Then, some persons were/are given a liquid prescription to place into the ears daily or a pill or given a prescription for a type of hearing aid or sent for further testing.

Some people have even experienced either mild or severe headaches during the ringing.

It is difficult for many people to believe that this symptom is related to the transformational/evolutionary process of creation—which of course—includes humanity.

They are so used to feeling a certain “way” physically, and when that “way” seems to change, they become alarmed.

This is natural on a planet that has been engulfed for many billions of years in ups and downs in “Yugas” (“Ages”) that have rocked and spun human thinking and behaving in so many different ways that people have placed their heads in their hands in wonder and sighed in utter confusion.

Hopefully, this discourse will remove the confusion about the ringing.

When soft slightly twinkling ringing initially began to be experienced many years ago, it was because dimensions (levels of consciousness) were beginning to open-up; new information was coming into the DNA as it began its transformation to being multi-stranded, and cellular records were starting to clear-out, cleanse, and be given the first energies of illumination.

For some, this process is just starting.

As the space/time continuum has moved on, the ringing often has become louder and very uncomfortable for many and has an almost clanging sound.

Thus, the original gentle sounds of LIGHT became like sharp shards surging into the physical form. Other physical, mental, and emotional symptoms started to occur. Then many people said: “Uh Oh! I’d better see a doctor”.

They were poked, prodded, given diagnostic procedures involving dangerous radiation devices, and either “diagnosed” with a specific aliment and given medication or a surgical procedure accordingly.

Sometimes the doctor could not find a reason for the symptoms and sent the person off to yet another doctor for further testing.

So, the road to “something being wrong”, to being “ill”, to having what “runs in the family” was traveled, regardless of the fact that such persons believed in a “Higher Power”, in holy books, and in the fact that there are occurrences that are beyond human comprehension.

In other words, total faith was placed in humans who themselves were stumped about the symptoms.

Do not misunderstand. There are indeed some doctors who are very spiritually-oriented and who do not rush to prescribe substances and therapies which they know can be dangerous and thus destructive to other systems of the physical vessel.

However, they are often known as “Naturopaths” or “Vibrational Healers” or “Energy Healers” or “Vibrational Frequency and Energy Scientists” or “Spiritual Scientists”, etc.—many of whom have a traditional “M.D.” degree.

Thankfully, they are more elevated in consciousness than most of their colleagues.

In many cases, however, for those who sought traditional medical attention and who submitted to traditional diagnostic procedures and therapies, the ringing continued.

​It had to finally be admitted that “something” was happening that was beyond their or their doctor’s understanding.

So, now, some of these persons began deep prayer for answers, and the answers were received. As the character Dorothy said in the book and film “The Wizard of Oz”: “We are not in Kansas anymore!”

The ringing that is being experienced in this “Now” is the tuning-up, the aligning with, the adjusting to—greater, faster-spinning, stronger doses of LIGHT surging from the Great Central Sun and the Photon Belt.

We are hearing the sounds of the parts of the cosmic realms where LIGHT is much brighter and vibrationally faster.

So, no! Nobody has “Tinnitus” regardless of what your “M.D” who went to Harvard or Oxford says.

Those of us who have been blessed to receive advanced university degrees—in whatever subjects— are actually obligated to help as many persons as possible to elevate both intellectually and spiritually.

Ego must be swept aside. The ability to purchase whatever material things we desire because of good salaries is wonderful, but what do these material accoutrements matter (unless they are spiritual items) when our planet is reeling and rocking, shifting and spinning, elevating higher to become a crystallized orb of greater beauty that is housing our steadily crystallizing physical vessels?

We are more and more becoming “Galactic Citizens”.

Our palatial mansion or Mercedes Benz does not matter. We are all of one SOURCE.

Some of us have more information than others about particular subjects, but information is not necessarily knowledge, and knowledge must be used wisely. Information is facts—which may or may not be truth.

Thus, it can be manufactured or found to be true ancient wisdom from the “Rishis” who were profoundly connected to SOURCE. Prayer and meditation are the greatest of “learning tools”, and the “Cosmic University” is the greatest of “schools”.

The HIGHER SELF of each of us—which is an aspect of SOURCE—is the greatest “Professor”.

Therefore, we are always “in class”.

Some are just not paying attention. Many are indeed paying diligent attention and are ready for advanced knowledge.

On June 20th, the warm Summer Solstice will officially arrive in the Northern Hemisphere, and the cold Winter Solstice will arrive in the Southern Hemisphere.

Portals for each have already opened.

Earth/Gaia is inside a stream of strong solar winds, and a geomagnetic storm at its poles is a possibility.

Both low and high numerical levels of solar flares are occurring as well as ups and downs in numerical values in Earth/Gaia’s Vibrational Frequency and Amplitude.

More black-outs in technological equipment that registers these happenings, however, are expected as SOURCE LIGHT sends enormously potent energetics into the planet which are “meta-tronic” (“beyond material atomic frequency of comprehension”).

The “Angels” will be administrating the equipment.

Remember, the word “Angel” is from the Sanskrit term “Anjali” which translates as “Offering” and also as “To Pray”.

We are being “offered” elevation and crystallization because our “prayers” for collective peace, healing, and love over many “Yugas” (“ages”) has been heard.

The ringing is a sign.


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