House Cleansing: Blessing and Protection

“You may want to do a cleansing when your house starts to feel uncomfortable, or when you or anyone else in the house is constantly depressed or giving off negative energy or when a guest with negative energy comes in to dirty up your home.

When doing this, please do not rush and do not focus on time, focus on removing energy, do not think of anything but removing and inviting positive matters (think of your room glowing brighter and brighter like the sun).

When praying or blessing, it may be helpful to recite the names of whom you wish to protect, including pets.

White Sage:
Pray over the sage and burn it in a metal bowl. Growing sage and rosemary in the front and back of the house is helpful too. Rosemary will also aid in memory.

Popular to keep away demons. Tie them together with cotton strings and hang them in rooms where you feel is uncomfortable, outside the front and back of the house to keep away unwanted entitles.

You can buy it from an online Wicca stores, or you can make it . Smudging is very effective when you are feeling depressed, angry, frustrated, or just plain unwell. Smudging can be used on rooms or space, yourself, guests, objects, crystals, when doing healing work, work space, etc. Smudging is powerful for cleansing negative energies and attracting peaceful and loving energy.

Singing Bowls:
This will cost a good hit in the pocket, but it is powerful. To use it, hit the bowl at the edge and trace the edge with the wooden stick counterclockwise to remove negative energies. You can use this on yourself, others, and rooms. For rooms, I recommend you walk the room counterclockwise.

Holy Water:
You can get this from a priest. Pray over it to cleanse and protect, and using your fingertips or a unused brush, smear holy water around the walls, windows and doors of every room. You may also use this on yourself. If you believe in it, it will work. If you have to see it work to believe it, it’s not going to work that way.

Use rocksalt or seasalt, and add as much water as you feel is right and pray over it to cleanse and protect your home. Using your fingertips or a unused brush, smear the salt water around the walls, windows and doors of every room. Or you can put it in a spray bottle and spray the walls, carpet, chairs, etc. You may also use this on yourself (a sea salt bath would also be good for your skin, muscles and circulation). With the remaining extras you can pour it outside in the front and back of your house.

Hang or put crystal at the windows, doors, stairway corners, before the bathroom, and in rooms to deflect and clear negative energies. Crystals are very popular in feng shui to clear unwanted energy and attract depending on color or what you’ve charged it with.

Light a white candle in each room and pray over it. Let it burn out to the end.

Yes, clapping. You probably want to do this when no one is around, to prevent feeling like an idiot. Stand in the middle of the room facing the window, pull your arms back with cupped hands and pull your arms together, pulling negative energy with it, and feel it moving out the window, slam your hands together to give it a good boost out. Repeat until you feel your room is cleanse of negative energy. You can do this with your eyes open and “see” the negative energy moving out, or you can do this with your eyes closed and visualise, getting the floor, the walls, ceiling, lifting negativity off of your walls, floors, bed, objects, clothes, and yourself.

Flowers will help keep the peace in the house. I guess that’s why you always see dinner tables with them. I recommend you put fresh (and live) flowers in the main room of the house.
Clean your room:

Well not just your room, your closet, the dishes, the bathroom, the bathtub, your front and backyard as well. If you can barely get from one side of your room to the other without stepping on something, wouldn’t that say a lot about how your life is flowing?

Everything vibrates energy and everything reacts to it in a certain way. That is why aromatherapy works so well. Scents stimulate different emotions, memory and moods. Use scented candles, air fresheners, dish soap, and other cleaning products for aromatherapy.

When you wake up in the morning, open your doors and windows for the sun to clean and give positive energy to the entire house. Close all doors, windows and curtains before sunset, if you have it open at night, it is an invitation for unwanted entities to come in.

……….There are also some ways also to cleanse yourself.

Rituals are a symbolic way to help you release old hurts and prepare for new goals. Everyone encounters negativity in life, including gossip, turmoil at work, breakups and other losses. They can block you spiritually if you allow them to build and gather power. By performing a spiritual cleansing, you can release these negatives and reclaim your power. A cleansing can act as the starting point for moving in a healthier direction.

1 Take a bath to prepare yourself physically for the spiritual cleansing. Blogger Melissa Goerke recommends using bath salts in the water, as salt is traditionally considered to be a cleansing element. As you relax in the hot water, meditate on the specific areas of your life that need cleansing.

2 Write down the aspects of your life that you wish to cleanse. Focus on items that contribute to negativity and keep you stuck. Include everything that needs to be released to clear your spirit.

3 Meditate on the list of negatives you just created. Envision the negativity in your life dissolving, turning to dust and blowing away on the wind. If you have religious beliefs, you can pray to your deity or higher power during this process, asking for help with your cleansing. Otherwise, simply repeat a mantra such as, “I release all that is negative in my life. I release its power over me. I reclaim the power of my spirit.”

4 Burn the list. You can ignite it with a candle, match or lighter, but do it in a safe place where there is no danger of starting a fire. The best spot is over a sink or bathtub. Put a plate in the bottom of the sink or tub to catch any ashes, which you can scatter outside.

5 Chant “I am purified by the flame. My spirit is cleansed and freed.” as the paper burns. As you do this, imagine everything negative rising up from your spirit and vaporising..

…………..also……… ‘hertz’ music to uplift the home or sound bowl music, these can be found on youtube..this can be left on whilst working or children are playing.​”

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