God has a secret

Just a reminder: That promise I made to you, I am going to fullfill it. I have not forgotten. Be encouraged. Blessings are coming!”

“God has a secret which, if you learn it, enables you to handle this mystery of lawlessness. You can never escape the struggle, but you can win!”

“Lo! I tell you a mystery. We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we shall be changed. (1 Corinthians 15:51-52 RSV)”

The Harp of God

“the harp is used to symbolize the grandeur and beauty, the exquisite harmony and majestic sweetness of the divine arrangement or plan…………………………












“27 When one understands these ten fundamental truths and can appreciate the beauty and harmony by them expressed, he is thereby enabled to use the harp of God, and the use of it brings joy to his heart and fills his soul with sweet music. Without doubt the great plan of God pictured by the harp was all made and arranged at one time.”http://www.strictlygenteel.co.uk/harp/harp1.html

The man, who hath no music in his soul, is fit for treason, stratagem, and spoil.” – Shakespeare

“Music is the magic of the soul. It can entertain and sooth, heal, kill, lead and control human emotions like no other divine device ever created by man. This is why today famous musicians lead and almost control millions of people with their songs, and why some of them are knighted by the Queen as part of her royal court such as Sir Elton John and Paul McCartney for their divine magical abilities they have inherited from their ancestors.

The modern music and instruments we see today are the result of one invention that is commonly referred to as the harp. But before the harp (cithara and Hebrew kinnor) there was what was known as the lyre that is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world. Over time the lyre had undergone several changes such as the shape and materials of the base, adding strings and making them much larger than the original hand-held form and others.”

“ “the God Apollo is attributed the invention of the harp, and that sort of music; and it is said, he discovered the art of physic, which is practiced by revelation from him, by which the sick were commonly restored to health….”

“Apollo was the Son of the God Zeus and they were both born on the island of Crete. Everywhere they had traveled, they brought with them their Crete-ations such as their Gods, Goddesses, their main symbols and weapons of war being that of their Gods, Goddesses, myths, letters, writing, serpents, bulls, centaurs, swastikas, Tau crosses, wine making, beer making, metallurgy, stonemasons, bows, harps, music, and beautiful singing women. Homer’s Iliad represents the Greek hero of the Trojan War and greatest warrior who amuses himself with the sound of the harp, because it allays anger, and pleases. In the Odyssey, the suitors compel Phoemius to play the lyre. It was also said that Alexander the Great had many masters to teach him to play the harp.

These magical things I mention are scientific evidence of these people who have been left in all parts of the world that simply cannot be disputed. As the wise Confucius said, “signs and symbols rule the world, not words or laws.” Therefore, when you see these symbols such as the harp in whatever country as their national symbol and/or as part of the mythical stories of these same countries, we can safely say that the same people who had invented these things had left them there, as not only evidence of their history, but also immortal proof of their divine spiritual treasures that cannot be stolen and/or denied by anyone.”

“One of the first….associated with the creation and/or development of the harp was one of the greatest philosophers, mathematicians and physicians that the Brotherhood has ever known, Pythagoras, who also hailed from the island of Crete….the true identity of Pythagoras, which according to Apollonius, he then is the son and incarnation of Apollo and the Pythian priestess of Delphi………..since both Apollo and Pythagoras invented the harp and also used it for health reasons. In addition, Apollo is known as the god of light, Jupiter, truth, prophecy, medicine, healing, plague, music, poetry, arts and more. One of the most famous and largest ancient cults and brotherhoods was the Cult of Apollo.” https://gnosticwarrior.com/harp.html

1250 BCE, 19th Dynasty, New Kingdom, Egypt

Muse playing lyre – Greek vase; Collection: Munich, Antikensammlungen. Dated: 445 BC

Tha Pythagorean Harp* or Kanon**

“Tha Pythagorean Harp* or Kanon** as it was referred to by tha original Pythagoreans is an acoustic musical string instrument which may be likened to a sonic cosmic map indicating where we may find our unique inner song, and be ever more in harmony with our emotional, sacred, and energetic bodies through the healing nature of sound. By using tha laws of harmonics according to Pythagoras, we activate in each one of us our personal sonic code relating to our unique DNA. In tha Here and Now, we create a new song each and every time we play.

As you study these Pythagorean musical laws, you can listen to tha revelation of an intuitive, subjective yet precise mathematics within tha strings of the Pythagorean harp. Rhythm, tonal vibration, and harmony are actually tha source of tha creation of mathematics and not tha other way around, as many people think.”

The word the has been changed…… tha…can provoke a definite change in our reading perception. Tha implies tha ancient sound of Ahh which resonates in our central chakra tha heart.”

“The Real Pythagorean Triangle as I have researched it is a Hermetic/Chinese/Essenic resonance code essential to tha practical application of tha harmonic mathematics transmitted to Pythagoras probably through tha Essenes who were then still practicing tha musical secrets of Solomon. We are just now (2600 years later) beginning to understand tha possibilities of using this extremely simple resonance formula using a Pythagorean Kanon which I believed was secretely used in the Pythagorean Ceremonies and possibly many thousands of years before Pythagoras according to recent information concerning tha great ancient civilizations that predate Greece. Pythagoras’s musical secrets were not discovered by him but recovered by him- connecting tha still living Hermetic secret traditions of his time.

We know Pythagoras’s musical knowledge was transmitted only by himself directly and in secret to his disciples.

My personal opinion is that his practical music teaching was at tha source of all his cosmic knowledge. Pythagoras was a sort of musical avatar with a knowledge kept so secret that until now we are finally ready as an evolving civilization to receive this special gift of quantum resonance or practical string theory.

One of tha undisputed laws of Pythagoras was his Law of Silence. Pythagoreans never wrote anything down. His disciples were required to participate in a a 4 year practice of absolute silence before being considered to be allowed entrance to tha Inner Temple of Mysteries where I believe tha Universal Laws and Harmonic Principles were demonstrated by Pythagoras to his Inner Temple Disciples; not utilizing tha written word but revealed on tha musical instrument known as tha Kanon, or Pythagorean Harp, and since they (the Pythagoreans) never wrote anything down, tha Kanon was in effect their secret living Bible,”

The definition of tha word kanon in ancient Greek (Pythagoras’s time) signifies: undisputed law.

I believe Pythagoras’s real message to humanity is tha revelation to activate tha ancient practical secrets of self/ harmonization: utilizing rhythm, vibration, and harmonic resonance according to tha ancient laws of tha finely tuned

rainbow musical modes.

These special tones as created on a Pythagorean Kanon are quite unique compared to other stringed instruments because they amplify the pure overtones and undertones (tha harmonics) of tha perfect resonance of octaves, 4ths and 5ths. By tuning the Kanon to a perfect Pythagorean Scale instead of your contemporary equal temperament all the notes become harmonically related with each other.

Tha exactly tuned Pythagorean Overtones create a precise wheel of intervals utilizing tha exact 3/2 proportion which are actually tha sonic resonant representations of tha geometric symbol known as Tha Flower of Life which mirrors the laws of Universal Creation at its Source. When properly utilized on a Pythagorean Kanon they actually reference us to where it is we are going in space and time. And tha Pythagorean Undertones utilizing tha 2/3 proportion represent the Universal Anti-matter, and refer us to where it is we are coming from in space and time.

Tha practical formula as practiced on a Pythagorean Harp is activated by creating a unique constellation each time you play. By choosing one of 9 or thirteen harmonic points on each of tha strings that utilize small pyramid like bridges and then by intuitively tuning tha tension of each of tha strings you begin to design your cosmic map which relates to your innate ability for self-harmonizing according to your unique DNA. Thus we create a bridge to tha understanding of creation as it applies to all of tha Muses and also can provide us enhanced harmonic abilities in dealing with our relationships, our physical and emotional balance, as well as our actions. Contrary to tha version of the incorrect “Pythagorean” triangle taught to us in school, the real Cosmic Triad as practiced by the original Pythagoreans is actually a model of universal creation, the sonic source of the geometric figure the Flower of Life. This Cosmic Trinity in action is a sonic map of the essential creative access codes revealing to us a practical understanding of the universal force field and how from it Yin(2) and Yang(3) generate all life and movement, as well as our ability to actualize exponential growth utilizing this Creative Harmonic Science. “ http://www.thakanon.org/index.html

Look at the flowers in your garden. Out from the same soil grow the many varieties of different hues and colors. Likewise from the same soil spring the divers kinds of trees, bringing forth different fruits at different seasons of the year. Some wisdom superior to man’s must have arranged these things. Observe the broad fields, the lofty mountains, the mighty rivers, and then behold the ocean, exhibiting unlimited power, upon the waves of which majestically ride the great ships. Are we not compelled to conclude that there is a wise One, who created these things, greater than anything we see?

8 Now gaze into the silent heavens above you, and there number, if you can, the stars and planets which are noiselessly moving through space. Many of these are far greater than the earth, and yet each one hangs in its place and moves noiselessly about in its orbit. Surely they could not have come there by chance, but the reasonable mind must say that a Creator greater than the planets put them there. When King David looked at these wonders of creation he was so impressed with the greatness of their Creator that he wrote; “The heavens declare the glory of God: and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard. Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world.” — Psalm 19:1-4.

9 Consider man. What a wonderful piece of mechanism is his body! The framework is there; the muscles that hold each part in place; the nerves, like a great electrical system by which messages are conveyed from the brain to all parts of the body. He has power to reason and to plan and carry out these plans.” http://www.strictlygenteel.co.uk/harp/harp1.html

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