“life is like a tapestry” – PREPARE TO BELIEVE

“life is like a tapestry”

Artist: ©Tami Miller

“As it unfolds in real time, it’s like viewing the backside of a tapestry. It appears to be nothing more than a jumble of thread—tangled, frayed, occasionally knotted, and seemingly random. Nothing really makes sense. It’s no wonder people lose heart, give up, and abandon their commitments.

But things are not always what they seem.

It’s only when you turn a tapestry over that you see the art: the rich colors, the texture, and the patterns that can make a tapestry a thing of astonishing beauty.

Likewise, occasionally God gives us a glimpse at what He is weaving into the fabric of our lives. That momentary peek at glory gives us the courage to soldier on, knowing that nothing happens by accident.

No thread of experience—good or bad—is wasted. When it appears to be that way, we just have to remind ourselves that we are simply looking at the backside of a tapestry. And the One weaving it together, knows precisely what He is doing.”

Michael Hyatt



“when you examine the back of a tapestry, it looks like a messy jumble of thread. It seems to be random and all tangled, with no apparent image or meaning. But when you turn the tapestry over, you see the beautiful pattern.

Likewise, many times life can be messy, and we find it hard to see the full picture and understand why certain situations occur. Oftentimes things seem to be a messy, tangled web. Yet, when looking back over the years, we can often see the other side: God’s miraculous hand has weaved a beautiful tapestry.”

“Over the years, we’ve experienced many difficulties, faced perplexing situations, encountered seemingly impossible roadblocks, and had some heartache. Yet through it all, we can now look back and see God’s hand as He has weaved a superbly designed tapestry.

………..biblical figures are a reminder to us that in all circumstances God is weaving a beautiful pattern beyond what we could ever imagine.”

Ken Ham




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