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Unable to sleep I wanted to research a few websites of interesting articles to read. I did a lot of reading over the years and love books. So to read online is not my main passion as is holding a book in my hands. For whatever reason I love books so much, might have a lot to do with past lives or even growing up being encouraged to read the most beauty-full loving books.

I came across a website that was remarkable very positive and incredibly inspiring that led to some remarkable revelations so deep that I could not go back to sleep for what felt like a long time. Upon delving further into it I discover more truth.

Is it a paradigm shift in my thoughts or is it the Schumann Resonance that breaks spells on a cosmic level that created a revelation in what I discovered? Maybe because I am simply a deep thinker and in retrospection shifted something in me in how I view certain aspects of life these days.

Children in different countries experience life in different ways. Whether it be because of upbringings, or influences, wars or unexpected circumstances, or simply the culture beliefs that are passed on from generation to generation, regardless there is a huge contrast of lifestyles between countries that affect the lives of children worldwide.

Children who are raised in lifestyles forced to parade in pageants as young as 4 to perform and made to feel beauty on the outside is more important than what the child needs, to feel love from within and feel the wings of flying in their imagination of creating.

Children who are forced to fight in wars as young as 4 in lifestyles where all they know is war living on the streets and on cold freezing rubble.

Children forced into slavery in the most dire ways I never thought existed until recent years of the level of commodity children are used, all so corporate companies, mining industries and others could embrace the wealth of greed.

Children who are made to recite countless beliefs to practice that have no true value or meaning nor justification for what true life means.

Children so young you wonder how their bodies can actually cope with carrying an unborn because they have been impregnated so young countless times, and treated so disgraceful in the process.

Children who are taught to hunt and children who are taught to live life in the most extravagant ways possible. Children who are taught to lie and children who are taught to sacrifice so that money becomes the object of some game. Children who are trapped and children who are lost. Children who are wounded crying for help and children who are suppressed.

And then sunlight shines when you see gladness of children who are being saved, children who are being heard. Children who are being treated with so much love and respect and children who live free spirited lives. Children who are nurtured and children who are protected. Children who care and children who are born to create and live natural lives. Children who are connected to the Universe and children who have abilities to utilise in the most graceful ways. Children who are inspirational and children who are truly expressing their uniqueness. Children who share their stories and children who utilise their intuition. Children who are compassionate and children who are living their lives simply by being.

And so I write this for all the children. Children lost and found, children trapped and free, children crying and laughing, children begging and helping, children afraid and fearless, children used and respected, children angry and loving, children of this world.

You are worth saving. You are worthy. You are the future. You are our hearts.

The changes worldwide are there for a reason. They are irrefutable by Universal Laws.

Children who are lost, trapped, crying, begging, afraid, used, and angry, the changes are definite by Cosmic Laws, by the Power of the Love Light Forces beyond control, to ensure this time unquestionably, without any further compromise of your worth, are going to be now found, be free, laugh again, be fearless and respected, love and be loved. You are worthy.

I wont write endless pages of what I have done in my life to contribute towards helping children. I am not here to write about me. I am here for the Children.

Don’t donate to charities that succumb to corruption and misuse the true meaning of Love. Go out there and do something yourselves. Make a difference in any way possible that will help Protect a child, Save a child, Help a child, Nurture a child, Comfort a child, Rescue a child. Let a child be heard, and to truly live, fully, authentically, naturally, with pure loving grace.

What is occurring worldwide? The Awakening.

Para Kas-Vetter

““Those who would harm these little ones, says the Lord, it would be better for you to tie a millstone around your neck and throw yourself into the waters; for you will not be able to hide from My justice as I release it on the wings of the fear of the Lord in the days to come.

“I will be a Terror to terror, a Force against evil, a hindrance to wickedness, a plague against those who would bring harm to these innocent ones, says the Lord. You will not find a place to hide, a place to cover yourself, in my renaissance of justice, if you harm My little ones says the Lord.

“You will flee across the sea from whence you came. You will find no shelter, no harbor for your wickedness in My nation of liberty and justice for all, says the Lord. You will run for I will chase you, because I will not rest day nor night, until all of My little ones are safe in this land, says the Lord.

“My prophets will speak and expose your ways, and My arm of justice will be extended in this land, to take hold of the syndicates, to take hold of the rings, to take hold of the cartels, the traffickers—even the power brokers. Their evil shall not breathe. I will snuff out their funds, I will capture back their wealth, turn the flow of their riches for the poor, the widow and for those in need. I will send you back from whence you came, watch and see, watch and see.”

This is the word of the Lord. So let it be established.”

Stephen Powell, Lion of Light Ministries

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