Mysteries Of May Part 1 and 2 – Dr Schavi M. Ali

Excerpts of the Articles part 1 and 2:

Part 1:

Make Way For The Mysteries Of May! – Dr Schavi M. Ali

May of 2021 is filled with cosmic sparkling luminary energy.

“On May 26th at 7:14 AM (EST), there will be a “Total Lunar Eclipse” in the sign of Sagittarius in the Tropical/Western Zodiac which is projected to last for a period of 14 and 1/2 minutes as the Moon moves within the shadow of Earth/Gaia.

Sagittarius governs higher knowledge, international affairs, travel experiences, expansion, educational institutions, and philosophical frameworks.

All of these subjects will take center stage globally, and there will possibly be restrictions, reviews, reductions, and re-analyzing of important aspects for the next six months.”

“From May 29th to June 22nd, Mercury will be retrograde in Gemini, and its “pre-shadow” (the set-up for what will need to be focused upon) will begin on May 5th.

Mysteries Of May – Sagittarius


Make Way For The Mysteries Of May!

The “post-shadow” (where situations reviewed during the retrograde are now actualized) will last until July 12th when Mercury moves on into the next sign—Cancer.

Solar flares, solar winds, coronal mass ejections, comet fly-bys, and colorful auroras will all join the cosmic play.

We will have just come forth from the “Super Full Moon” of April when the Mercury Retrograde portal opens, and the energy of this Full Moon will still be activated for several months.

In essence, for the balance of the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere and the autumn season in the Southern Hemisphere and well into most of the year, we will need to reflect on what is necessary for individual and collective consciousness elevation, what needs to be released that is not working for the greater good, and how to apply new knowledge to our lives.

It will be as if we are taking a special intense class called “Cosmic Applications to Everyday Life”.

There will likely be surprises in almost every global arena of life, and secrets will be revealed that will shock some and support others in what was already revealed to them by their Higher Selves.”

“During a “Total Lunar Eclipse”, ancient teachings advise against eating or drinking anything for one hour before the eclipse begins, during the eclipse, and for one hour after it has finished.

This is because during this time frame, SOURCE is performing a major cleansing action in the atmosphere, stratosphere, and ionosphere of the planet and within us as well (particularly at the emotional level).

The Moon governs biological processes that are affected by emotional responses to life’s activities. Eating or drinking during a “Total Lunar Eclipse” interferes with this cleansing and re-setting process.

The same occurs during a “Solar Eclipse” of which there will be one in June.

Also, the human brain and nervous system contains millions of magnetite crystal nanoparticles which are intensely cleared and cleansed during eclipses so that greater LIGHT can soar through us for DNA and cellular transformation.

In modern times in 2008, Geo-Physicist Dr. Stuart Glider and Neuro-Scientist Dr. Christoph Schmitz—both of the “Ludwig Maximillian University” in Munich, Germany— conducted the first mapping of magnetite crystal nanoparticles in the human brain.

Because Earth/Gaia and human beings have magnetite crystallization, this is the reason why transmission and reception of information is possible.

Animals also have these particles, and although they primarily live by instinct rather than a human type of logical analysis, they can know when major events are about to occur on the planet, and thus, they know when to take cover!

An important lesson in this animal instinct occurred in 2004 which has been discussed previously but which will be reiterated.

In 2004 there was a horrible earthquake and tsunami in Bharata (India).

Before it occurred, visitors were having a relaxing time at a particular palatial resort.

Several elephants were at the resort for the visitors to enjoy riding.

Suddenly, the elephants became agitated and began to tear away from their restraints.

They rushed over to the children at the resort and ran quickly with them atop a mountain.

Of course, the parents were screaming in horror.

However, the elephants also quickly rushed back down the mountain and carried the adults to the top of the mountain where the children were huddling together in fear.

When all of the adults and children were on the top of the mountain, the elephants surrounded them and clutched their trunks together as if they were creating a safety net.

Within a few moments more, the earthquake struck, and the tsunami was in process.

Because of the instinct of these elephants, at least this bit of humanity was spared, even though thousands of others on the ground perished.

Animals feel the movement of the magnetite crystals in the earth and somehow know when conditions are not advantageous.

In a not so dramatic fashion, animals seem to also know what plants to eat when they are not feeling well. Humans, however, have to study about the healing properties of plants and learn what to eat for which conditions.

Mankind needs to do away with the disrespectful term “dumb animals”. Animals are often friends and life savers.”

“Everyone, however, should consider these energetics as a “time-out” from pushing and forcing business issues, sociological concerns, or political situations in a certain direction.

For those who have their natal charts, they should observe the astrological house where Gemini and Sagittarius are located because these will be the areas that are especially activated at these times according to the characteristics of each house.

It will be best for everyone to view life’s activities from the metaphors of being in the “eye of the storm” or sitting atop a mountain where the air is peaceful and relaxing. Therefore, SELF-REFLECTION is the key terminology.”

“As per usual, wear calming essential oils, prayer malas, and clothing colors. Eat organically, and drink plenty of spring water.

Perform relaxing exercises (Yoga, Tai Chi, etc.). Take walks in Nature, Meditate daily.

Write in your journal. It seems as if we are always being given opportunities to calm down and self-reflect via numerous cosmic energetics.

There is an overlapping of multi-versal frequencies. As soon as one cosmic occurrence is over, another one commences.

For hundreds of thousands of years—many ages in the space/time continuum—Earth/Gaia and the entire galaxy has been experiencing ups and downs in life events.

Creation is now being re-framed, re-generated, re-vitalized, and renewed as it has not been in almost 26,000 years–the approximate time it takes to journey through the “Photon Belt”, and we have just entered the first of its twelve vortices.”

“Yet, we are eternal, and we will continually soar through galaxies and universes.

During the “Total Lunar Eclipse” on May 26th is also the celebration of the birth of the Ascended Master and Sage Sri Gautama Buddha. Pour libations to him and perform some other special activities as guided.

He taught about the healing properties of Sangye Menla (as he is called in Tibet)—the “Medicine Buddha” (an aspect of SOURCE).

Thus, you may also want to obtain a “murti” (“representation” in the form of a statue or painting) of the “Medicine Buddha” for your altar.

It will be a good idea to recite the “Medicine Buddha Mantra”, and ask SOURCE to bring peace and healing throughout the galaxy.

Make way for the mysteries of May!”

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Part 2:

Mysteries Of May Part 2 – Solar And Uranian Quickening!

“On Friday, April 30, 2021, Uranus, the planet of high-powered electromagnetic frequencies and sudden amazing occurrences conjuncts the Sun in Taurus.

Photonic Light (from the “Photon Belt”) will be unusually intense, bright, and potent.

With Taurus being an earth element sign, this “cosmic concert” will cause Earth/Gaia to surge with wonderful intensified LIGHT which will also create a strong LIGHT within the human physical vessel and an enhanced brightness and the capabilities of magnetite particles to elevate consciousness to greater levels.

From now until the Sun enters Gemini on May 21st is an excellent time in which to write out your desires for the planet and for yourself.

Why hand-write? Our handwriting has a Vibrational Frequency (a “Spirit”, a “Life Force”) which begins in the Pineal Gland (which is vitalized by the Sun), moves throughout the entire physical vessel (atoms, sub-atomic particles, molecules, cells, nervous system, meridians, chakras, etc.) and moves out through our fingers.

This causes a person’s handwriting to emit powerful energetic currents which can manifest as the experiences that are written about relative to needs and desires.

In other words, when we write from a higher perspective of spiritual focus, our handwriting becomes a prayer.

After completing the writing, light a candle and incense (preferably a white candle and Sandalwood incense), and read the handwritten document aloud.

Then be seated, relax, and envision the needs and desires you wrote about manifesting.

End the entire “ritual” by reciting a prayer of gratefulness from your specific chosen path or create a prayer of your own.

Although we can perform all that is discussed above at any point before the change of the Sun into Gemini, it is best to get it done within the next three days when the Uranian and Solar energetics for this are at a height.

Also consider reciting a special mantra onto either a Boddhi Seed or a Sandalwood mala (because they come from trees anchored to Earth/Gaia).

I suggest the “Pranava” (“Cosmic Sound”) mantra which is ‘AUM” (often seen written as “OM”).

It is revealed in the ancient Vedic scriptures that this is the original sacred sound pronounced by SOURCE at the creation of all things. It is also protective and healing.

Uranus and the Sun will allow individual and collective consciousness to connect with super-conscious currents of energy which can further usher us into an era of joy that is filled with LOVE, PEACE, PERFECT HEALTH, ABUNDANCE, and WISDOM.

The Vibrational Frequency and amplitude of Earth/Gaia is answering the call of the cosmos and is offering us “Her” increased sacred symphonic sounds.

Signs of this will be ups and downs in numerical values as noted on technological equipment around the world; however, at times, energies will be so intense that they cannot be truly completely registered by technology.

This is when black-outs can be seen on the equipment. Data is not coming in because cosmic energetics are so high and intense.

Nothing is really “wrong” with the equipment itself. We become the “technology” as we experience LAS (“Light Activation Symptoms”).

Meditate and listen to the new harmonious sounds!

Intuitive experiences are on the rise as just one of the many other mysteries of May.

Realize that any fatigue, or either mild or strong achy feelings in muscles and joints, rapid heart rhythms, slight dizziness, blurred vision, digestive disturbances, and other “symptoms” are due to more LIGHT surging through you performing more clearing-out and cleansing as it does so.

You are simply “beaming-up”!”

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