“The Friday Story” – Robert M. Hebeler

It all started with a weekly story.

“The Friday Story began as a weekly voicemail to my team. Only the managers received it at first. These voicemails were an invitation to reflect on leadership, customer service, attitude, inspiration, and teamwork. Soon, the stories I left on voicemail took on a life of their own. They became a staple of weekly staff meetings and The Friday Story was born.

That was in 1992. From there, The Friday Story grew to reach more than 20,000 people weekly. While the medium has evolved, each story is still a “lesson plan for life.” Every story is an opportunity to stop and remember that goodness has an everlasting effect; that while plenty of people get ahead by doing bad, history shows that it catches up to them. Each story is an invitation to do good, to improve the human condition, and to lead. So…what’s your story?”

Robert M. Hebeler


Drawings by ©Para Kas-Vetter

Drawings by ©Para Kas-Vetter

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