Is Earth Flat? How a narrative can finally come to a stop.

What on Earth Happened – Part One

7.17 Minutes

“Our Earth is flat – come with me on this journey down the rabbit hole to discover the true nature of our Earth.”

 Destroying Flat Earth Without Using Science – Part 2: The Stars

5.23 Minutes

“As we learned in the previous installment of this series, we don’t need any science whatsoever to prove that the earth isn’t flat. We just have to look at things in the sky with our eyeballs. In fact, that’s how we figured out the earth is a sphere thousands of years ago, before science even existed. Last time we looked at the moon, so today let’s look at the stars. How do they move through the sky, and can we make sense of it on a flat earth?”

Destroying Flat Earth Without Using Science – Part 3: Airplanes

6.50 Minutes

“I’ve crushed the flat earth into smithereens more times than I can count, twice now without using any science at all, but how about one more? There are lots of commercial airline flights that prove conclusively that the earth is a sphere, and not a flat pancake. This is because the Southern Hemisphere exists. Let’s take to the skies!”

Destroying Flat Earth Without Using Science – Part 4: The Conspiracy

11.54 Minutes 

“It may seem like I’ve said all there is to say about the flat earth phenomenon, that dumbest hoax on the internet, but we haven’t yet examined the conspiracy itself. What would have to be true for this scam to be pulled off? Rather incredibly, without making a single observation or knowing anything about science whatsoever, even just the story of the con itself falls apart quite laughably upon the slightest bit of scrutiny. Let’s check it out.”

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