A little child, the Angel, and the mask

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

“No, no, no, Mommy!”,
The rebellious child cried.
“I will not wear a mask!”
The mother huffed and sighed.

“If you don’t wear a mask,
You’ll get very sick.
So, do as you are told,
And put the mask on quick!”

The child was defiant.
She just would not obey.
“No, no, no, Mommy!
I won’t do as you say!”

Stubbornly she added,
“I will not wear it ever!
My angel told me not to.
She’s very kind and clever.”

“Your imagination is wild”,
The mother did insist.
“Don’t be telling lies now,
Or you’re off the good girl list!”

“I’m telling you the truth.
My angel really told me.
Please believe me, Mommy.
Don’t be mean. Just hold me.”

The angry mother hesitated,
For she was filled with fear.
Public Health made it clear.

The deadly virus is everywhere,
The mother nervously thought.
She reasoned in her troubled mind:
I could get it from my tot!

The child’s eyes were welling up.
She looked so lost and sad.
“Oh, Mommy,” cried the little girl,
I don’t like it when you’re mad.”

The child sadly turned away
And went into her room.
She cried herself to sleep.
The house was filled with gloom.

The mother was distraught,
Consumed with fear and dread.
She gazed upon her little girl
Sleeping soundly in her bed.

Suddenly the darkened room
Lit up with glowing light,
And in the twinkling of an eye
An angel came in sight!

She was regal in her bearing.
Her eyes were shining blue.
She softly said, “Fear not,
I have good news for you.”

“The virus will be gone soon.
Let your heart be light.
Breathe easy now in knowing
Your future’s looking bright.”

“Soon the truth will be unmasked,
For mankind has been deceived.
Freedom is your birthright!
With it, greatness is achieved!”

“Your child is awakened,
Even though she is asleep.
Deep within, your daughter knows
Most people are like sheep.”

“The ruling class control mankind.
They control by means of fear.
But they live in fear of you waking up
And reclaiming your power, dear.”

“Because of the veil of forgetfulness,
You have forgotten who you are:
You are a sovereign, empowered soul!
So, shine like a beaming star!”

“The only thing that matters
In the final analysis
Is that you live your life on Earth
In the spirit of love and bliss.”

“For love is all there truly is.
The power of love conquers all!
Open your eyes and remove your mask!
Stand up for your rights! Stand tall!”

“Not too long from this day
When people reclaim their power,
Lies and deception will fall away
And the evil ones will cower.”

“So, hold your child close now.
Hold her closely to your breast.
She will surely grow and thrive.
She will be a child blessed.”

When the angel finished speaking,
The mother smiled and said,
“I am no longer fearful.”
Then she laid down on the bed.

She softly kissed her child’s cheek
And whispered in her ear,
“I love you, little angel.
All is well, my precious dear.”


https://operationdisclosureofficial.com/2021/04/04/the-unmasked-truth-by-sandra-owen/ ​

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