Parenting your Higher Dimensional Children


Inspire, Uplift and Transform

“Jennifer: I know I’m not the only mother worrying about how her children are coping. What advice can you give us?”

“​Imagine a giant mechanical machine, run with cogs, wheels and levers – that is symbolic of the structures of your present world; the young people came equipped to work through light technology, to have crystaline bodies, to communicate telepathically. Your current structures – education, media, entertainment, social media, government, health, social care, judicial systems, politics, finance, all of your systems – are barbaric to them, because they are so unfit for purpose, so unaligned with higher consciousness.

As a result, many of you will have noticed that your young people feel confused, stiffled, angry without a cause (when really the cause is Everything), unable to understand the world, alienated, shut down, closed off, lost in virtual worlds online, hyper-sensitive, disassociated, hopeless and without a vision.”

“Trust them. They are the solution, they are not the problem.”

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