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There are so many avenues and resources to pursue, in trying to make sense of your own existence and trying to make sense of life currently. To make it a lot easier, I have attached a few helpful ideas. It will provide contentment that you are not alone and the reasons for what you might be going through, that might be defined as an Awakening or Existential Crisis.

I am also providing other helpful hints to initiate ideas and epiphanies into pursuing your own path.

Visual representations are very empowering way of making sense of something. Sometimes words are not required where the visual image can speak wonders. And sometimes combining the two can have an amazing affect on your mind, body and soul. Seeing the visual gives so many messages for the one seeking answers.

Master Shi Heng Yi – 5 hindrances to self-mastery :

“The world right now is desperately asking for something new. The old reality that was co-created and reinforced by people for generations is buckling. It’s not that it ever truly served peoples’ best interests, but human consciousness has evolved to a point where that paradigm and matrix has become so discordent and out of balance that it is naturally imploding. This provides us with a new opportunity to focus our intentions on designing a new template for the reality we experience.”

Spiritual Awakening: 23 Major Signs and Symptoms :

The article is excellent. This article would be the most beneficial because this is what majority are going through if they have not yet. It is part of the rising of consciousness. It is a remarkable article. The pdf is attached below:

Links I have formulated over the many years that I have either met or networked with or utilised their resources. This could initiate ideas for the soul

Other ideas that can help that might offer some inspiration and epiphanies to understanding where the world is heading and why. “The Age of Light Define” :

Motivational Speeches :

Regarding astrology and the planets that have become aligned after hundreds of years, which is very significant, is part of what is happening right now with questioning life and direction and the changes occurring.

“In light of this, what we will be seeing this year is that the power structures and establishments of an Earth-based nature will be breaking down………Change is a part of life, and the change that is happening is within the harmony that is woven into the fabric of the cosmos. The shift to Air will mark a time in which cultures interact freely with each other and spread ideas. In order for this to happen, some of the solid structures and boundaries of Earth will need to come down. As we look at astrological events for the next year, it will help to step back and see the larger perspective. This is all a part of the pattern and rhythm of Cycle of the Ages.”

The planetary astrological influences on the Planet Earth as well its inhabitants is part of the Aquarius Era.

“The Great Shift is Here, Shattering the False Sense of Self” :

Another excellent article from loner wolf titled :

Soul Searching: 7 Ways to Uncover Your True Path

“You feel lost in life. You’re sick of your job, your relationships are mediocre at best, your friendships are boring and empty, you feel dead inside, and you’ve lost the zest for life …

Can you relate to any of these feelings or experiences?

If you can, you might be going through an increasingly common experience known as the existential crisis. In other words, you’re at a crossroads in life: you’re feeling stuck and you’re starting to crave a more meaningful existence.”

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