The Lord of the Rings Oracle – THE ELVES

Artist: Marya Filatova, known by Filat, is a Russian artist

Message: The Lord of the Rings Oracle By Terry Donaldson, Page 47

“The Elves were intended by the Creator to be the Firstborn on Middle-earth.”

“They awoke before the emergence of humanity.”

“They are the caretakers of the planet: guardians of ancient lore, and masters of healing.”

“Traditionally represented as possessing great understanding and insight.”

“A time of reunion.”

“Greater association with those on your own wavelength.”

“New friendships of an inspirational nature.”

“A down loading of “higher” energies into your life.”

“The need to trust.”

“Fulfillment of life’s purpose.”

“The need to renew that which has been positive in your life.”

“Cultural, creative, musical, and artistic themes entering your life.”

“A time to embrace.”

“A time to love.”

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