Life Story Library Foundation

Written upon your soul are stories waiting to be told Dreams longing to be reached and new adventures ready to begin.” ©Adèle Basheer, Intrinsic

The Life Story Library Foundation

“To those upon whose shoulders we stand whose courageous spirit in seeking freedom and dignity inspired this call for stories of our own.”

“….we dreamed as big a dream as we could envision. We did not know how it could be done, just that it could be done.”

“…exercising our freedom of speech matters deeply in this world. From personal experience, I know this to be true: Silence doesn’t change lives. Our stories do!”

““The Joys and Surprises of Telling Your Life Story.””

Read how “The Life Story Library Foundation” was born.

“Everyone has a story to tell, including you!

I’m passionate about collecting, saving and sharing the personal life stories of our time as valuable recorded history. Stories provide a natural and highly effective way to uncover wisdom, transfer values, link generations, build relationships, bridge divides and expand respect and empathy in the world………………. we preserve the past, nurture the present and transform the future through the collective power of our personal life stories. We support authenticity, reflection, personal growth and collaboration. Join us!”

Paulette F. Stevens

Founder/President – Life Story Library Foundation, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Butterfly Memes”- ‘I Am Victory 888’

Thank you! Your creation stories speak volumes. They have a story of their own. And each Soul-Heart sees their own messages within.

Stories can be visual as well.

“Chinese proverb. One picture is worth ten thousand words.”

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