PBPN Particularly Beautiful Pieces of Nature

PBPN Particularly Beautiful Pieces of Nature


Our Story:

“The beauty of nature is beyond description. I go out, onto my property, for a journey… I think of a feeling, or an experience… until a particularly beautiful piece of nature jumps out at me. I don’t know why that piece. I walk through so much beauty… past so many pieces… but that’s the one that sings to me as I think of joy… that highlights as I remember party, or funeral. Each piece is completely unique and worked to preserve and highlight its’ particular natural, raw beauty and comes with a story of triumph or defeat, glory or fortune… enjoy!”

Amanda Taylor and Chris Edwards have amazing abilities, contribute extensively towards making the world a better place, and have incredible talents. I love them very much. They are part of my family. We want to share so to encourage and inspire many out there. Following is the link of one of their videos about a creation at “PBPN Particularly Beautiful Pieces of Nature”: https://www.facebook.com/ParticularlyBeautifulPiecesOfNature/videos/336646207590007/

You can view and purchase their amazing creations via their facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/ParticularlyBeautifulPiecesOfNature/ ​

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