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Today is the day I AM going to ask everyone for the biggest favour of all. It is because of the deep thought of what is happening right now worldwide. I understand alot of what is going on but I also know that there are those that right now are losing themselves. The theme is about Unite. Although it has also information about the New Moon and the Chinese New Year, and other very valuable information, the focus is on Lorie Ladd’s video mostly to Unite people and to help them understand the division going on and what the outcome is. And so I ask that you please forward it as far as you can, even place it if possible on your websites or social media networks. For the focus is to UNITE.

Cindy Lever: “I send you this video as I have been observing with interest the HUGE divide amongst the ‘Truthers’ this past few weeks and it has really escalated…….observing as they turn on each other ….SOOOOOOOOOOOO much disinformation and vitriol flying about at the moment………..

We are IN the eye of the Storm right now.



Our heart and soul tears began to flow from watching the video, because it is exactly what Humanity right now needs to know, Humanity with a soul and Humanity that has a soul. True Humanity. Humanity that does hold the Light, some just either don’t know it yet or have buried it deep within waiting for a Miraculous Hope to courageously bring it forth for all to see theirs too.

I have a high regard and respect for Lorie Ladd. Her video “A MESSAGE FOR HUMANITY (2.9.21)” is exceptional in these times to listen to.

I made a promise…….that promise I honour….to this day……..TRUTH WILL NOT BE DENIED….a beacon for all to see……….speaks for mankind to be free…….”
Christopher James


Following gives a brief overview of the energies of this New Moon on the 11th or 12th of February 2021, depending on which hemisphere of the World you are in, AND the Chinese Lunar New Year of the OX on the 12th of February. These energies will also contribute to the changes that are taking affect on a grandeur and deeper level now.

NEW MOON 11th/12th February 2021

“This New Moon activates our potential to reconnect to ourselves and each other as it brings with it emotions of compassion, empath and connectiveness. You may feel called to join an group or feel inspired by others to help within communities. The whole idea of being separate no longer works for us. We need to learn how to reconnect to each other.

New Moons are the perfect time to set future intentions and re-evaluate any plans you may have had last month. With the Aquarian energy your being encouraged to think more outside the box so if something hasn’t been working try and see an higher perspective. What could work? How can you gain more clarity? What is your soul guiding you to do?

This New Moon is about moving past emotions of anger, fear and frustration and not projecting these feelings onto others. Instead, feel into those emotions. Allow them to come up and ask for your guides and angels to help you gently release these emotions. You may have alot coming up in your dreamtime as Aquarius energy brings up to the subconscious what needs to be seen in order to be released.”



CHINESE LUNAR NEW YEAR 12th February 2021

“The Ox follows the Rat in the Chinese Zodiac making 2021 the Year of the Metal Ox. Does that mean we will be experiencing more shock, chaos and sudden change as we have in the Rat year?

Not exactly.

The Metal Ox year will present its own challenges but just like the Ox itself, it will be a year of hard work, determination and building – or rather, rebuilding. After the chaotic moments of the Rat year, the Ox year will be about rebuilding things to make way for something better.”


“….the new Chinese Year 2021 is going to be an eventful year. This is going to be a year during which many people will rediscover hope, after they’ve suffered from indifference and neglect.

………will force us to focus more on agriculture, environment, but also on the spiritual side of life………year for lifestyle changes.

…..The astrologers claim that the Year of the Ox will be peaceful and balanced. This year is going to be perfect for establishing diplomatic relationships and reconciliation. Also, the New Year will bring significant improvements in the personal life. Also, we must take into account that the Metal Ox, the symbol of intelligence and protection, can transform this year into a sensitive period, during which street protests are not excluded, especially from people who were deprived of many things. They will fight for radical changes in their living conditions and for a better future for their children.”


“The Ox is second in the order of all the Chinese zodiac animals. According to one folktale in ancient times, the Jade Emperor decided that the order of the animals would be determined according to the order by which they arrived at his party. The Ox had agreed to give the Rat a ride. Just as they both arrived at the door, the Rat jumped ahead of the Ox….

Oxen are diligent, reliable, and smart but never seek praise.

Oxen are known to be honest and sincere. Although they are hardworking and skilled, they never seek to be the center of attention. Nevertheless, they get the recognition they deserve for their hard work…..”

Master Shi Heng Yi – 5 hindrances to self-mastery | Shi Heng YI | TEDxVitosha

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Lots of Love

Para Kas-Vetter


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