Witness the Miracles of Love

Witness the Miracles of Love in the following two beautiful videos, one a little girl dancing with her soul, and the love between animals. Phenomenal.



The courage to understand, resolve and still love is the gift of true loving.” Para Kas-Vetter

“Throughout Our Journey, Friendship seems to hold a Valuable concept in the Sea of Relationships. Through friendships, and all forms of relationships, we find aspects of ourselves to work with, learn from and grow, to evolve and apply to our existence on Earth.

Throughout all Relationships, Resolution is so very important. A Key element to moving forward in life with Harmony and Peace.

“Angel and the Witch” https://solance.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/%E2%80%9CAngel-and-the-Witch%E2%80%9D.pdf is a story of two friends, both who have a Purpose on Earth, and both with a Beautiful Heart, and each unique in their own way with their special abilities. One an angel and the other a good witch. They learn that their friendship has a most powerful impact on life, a positive impact when in Harmonious Union. It is what this World is always to be about. Harmonious and Loving in Togetherness.” Para Kas-Vetter

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‘Sacred Whispers’ ‘Sacred Journey’ ‘Spiritual Quest’ A Pilgrimage to Unlock the Sacredness of Life.
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