“The Trumpet is about to be heard”

“In the midst of chaos and confusion, hope is the light that brings sudden clarity and blessings. Miracles in disguise. May you find the hidden messages within this video and find the signs of the light and joy to unfold. Through exhaustion sudden revelation and witness to blessings occur.

Let the trumpet be heard. Let the voices resonate now in union. The time has come the finish line will occur and those who thought it was the end of the world, will be like the story of the caterpillar who thought it had died but instead became a butterfly never to crawl.

Put your egos aside. Take a moment to recharge and know that this is not about the chosen one but that we all have played our part to bring Divinely an orchestrated symphony.” Para Kas-Vetter

https://youtu.be/St6terT35Kw?t=7 ​

We Shall Behold Him

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