Master Shi Heng Yi and The Bus-driver Angel

Today has been a very ‘going deep within’ day. Although I went to a water colour class for the first time, I felt something different about how I felt about life that I had not realised until that very moment of sitting in class learning how to paint with watercolours. I thought deeply about the world in a way I had not done before. About how life is not like it once used to be. Maybe I have always been a very deep thinker but realise it has become more obviously profound, especially in my recent years since the world events have intensified to encourage greater changes.

Just before I went to the class, a video was forward to me by a sweet dear soul who in her remarkable 80’s still has her marbles, very talented, highly knowledgeable and wise and incredibly has immense faith for what is happening currently in the world. To protect her name in case she prefers to stay anonymous I won’t reveal her identity. 

The video was very profound in what Master Shi Heng Yi had to say. Something within me wanted to share it in a way that I did not even have words to explain it. I spend endless hours reflecting on world events and the enormity of suicides occurring right now. Although with all of my soul I understand those who say its pop corn and movie time, somehow for me the heart cries at all the innocent souls that find it dearly frightening what the next future brings, what timeline we would find ourselves for those that have not done soul searching or taken even the initial steps of a pilgrimage.

Taking a pilgrimage in itself is very challenging because it means actually making courageous changes, but when the future seems unknown, taking the pilgrimage can actually be frightening for some, because it means making significant change. To take those steps of soul quest for some is not at all easy.

When Otto drove me home after the class, I went into a deep silence, a very deep one. One where you just hear your own heart and soul.

I wondered today whether the pain that is being inflicted on earth is not only for those with karma because of what they have done to others it is now being done to them, but that also the pain is for those watching innocent lives being sadly affected in the process of those events and changes occurring, and the pain suffered by those who are the innocent caught up in the whirlwind for whatever reasons. And then you have the pain patriots are willing to go through for love and truth so as to help this world and life on it.

Upon finally deciding to check certain messages there were messages from a dear soul that made my soul cry.

To protect her identity I will title the story as “The Bus-driver Angel”. 

“I have to tell you a beautiful story from today that made my heart sing and confirmation for me that I am on the right track energetically. When I am at work I make a BIG effort to warmly greet and thank every single person getting on and off the bus. It matters not if they do not reply, don’t hear me or acknowledge me at all. I have people (mostly teens) used to me now so they don’t try to hide to avoid confrontation like they do with other drivers……….I have heard many stories about our drivers so I am one person who wants to make a difference.

So today I got 7 kids about age 12. I had not met these ones yet and greeted them warmly with big smiles. They saw me do this with everyone as well, so that when we got to………their destination….one of them asked if he could get a selfie photo with me. I said of course, so all the others wanted one as well. They left in good spirits and I wondered why they wanted the pictures but thought nothing more about it.

About 15 minutes later I was coming back through ……..and saw them all playing under the trees as I was stuck behind a few vehicles. One of them looked up and saw me, so I waved and they all looked up and waved at me. Next minute they all grabbed their stuff and ran, ran, ran over the park across the road and back to the bus stop….They were all excitedly getting on the bus again as I again welcome them all aboard. One of them said he now had ‘our pic’ as his wallpaper on his phone and could they all get more selfies. I of course obliged and said to them, “you must be bored to want pictures with me” to which he said, “naaaaa you are the nicest bus driver we’ve ever had!” “………..bless their little hearts, they just made my day………..”

Master Shi Heng Yi – 5 hindrances to self-mastery | Shi Heng YI | TEDxVitosha

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