The New Year 2021 and The Fairy Ring

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As an old calender year comes to an end and we are entering into a new year according to the current calenders we are using, thus 2021, some are in two mind set. Do we really think 2020 is coming to an end or is it really a continuation into another year? Is it really just saying goodbye to old habits and beliefs only to repeat them again with greater or less challenges? Do we set yet another roller-coaster of emotions as we say good-buy to yet another year only to welcome the same old stuff? Do we notice the changes occurring over the years and that this new year is yet an extension of our evolution? Or do we think that we have not changed at all? And so on………

Some celebrate the new year with huge side affects of the following morning such as hangovers or trying to remember what they did and if they have still their dignity intact. Some won’t celebrate as they are too preoccupied that the world is coming to an end once again so they prepare for doomsday as if it is that, doom. Some celebrate according to the calender they follow, whatever it may be and in whatever culture their beliefs stand. Some are working and some are resting from their hard work. Some are secretly living double lives with fulfilling patriotic missions and some have obligations and errands that they don’t have time to celebrate. Some are fighting a war and some are fighting to save a life be it an animal, child or human or even the planet! Some are protesting and some are fighting for truth and justice. Others will be too busy making a mess of their lives to celebrate and others are so negative they forgot the blessings in their lives. And then there will be those sitting quietly somewhere sacred saying their prayers and giving gratitude or making wishes for the coming year. And the list goes on and on and on.

So for those following the current calender and do embrace the ‘happy new year’ motto, how are you going to embrace the 1st of January 2021, let alone the 31st of December 2020?

Are you going to be reading predictions that are about the end of life or about how to develop a more meaningful life? Are you going to read and communicate with love or war? Are you going to be generous and kind or greedy and selfishly egocentric? Are you going to live or struggle? Are you going to create or destroy? Are you going to smile or hate? Are you going to find a deeper and meaningful life to live or simply find ways to upset others as projections of your own personal life?

How are you going to embrace the New Year in terms of love light and the New Era of Aquarius as part of it? We clearly don’t want any more greed or egocentric maniacs. We surely don’t want any more opinionated hoarders flashing their purely white teeth, their busts or muscles and money yet haven’t even got the courage to stand in their own truth let alone live it. The New Era of Transparency is seeping into the New Year more intensely in 2021. Wow what a year it will be when the wheat from the chaff will become ever so much more visible you will be astounded.

So which podium are you going to stand on? The Authentic one or the Foolish one?

My wish for the New Year 2021 for you all is:

A Life of Miracles

A Heart of Hope

A Mind of Visions

A Path of Stories

A Past of Lessons

A Future of Surprises

And Blessings to Fill your Soul.

Sometimes we have to make phenomenal changes that can be frightening. Other times the changes come to us and with a speed of light. Those changes can be pleasant and some of them can be daunting. However, I learnt on my journey that nothing is truly lost……For what is so loved so deeply within one’s heart, will always stay there to nurture continuously the heart.

And so I share with you the following beautiful story I wrote many years ago. I Treasure it dearly. It has immense meaning and significance, as well for the New Era of Aquarius and The New Year of 2021.

Lots of Love Para xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

The Fairy Ring” By Para Kas-Vetter

“Take a leap of faith to the beyond horizons of your grace and there you will find BLESS.” Para Kas-Vetter

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