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“We all have a passion in life, some more than one. One of the most exhilarating aspects of life is feeling motivated to create, dream and embrace what we desire from the heart. There are those that hold memories dear to their heart and there are those that treasure the memorabilia of old times, and then there are those that choose to build new dreams based on a new reformed life filled with love, joy and light.

I always have had this deep desire for ancient and old things that hold such incredible positive energies and history to it. It is not so much the expensive modern things that seem to draw me close, it is those things that have character and uniqueness about them and a history build on its own.

One of My biggest passions is Nature.

It found itself back into many lives when The New Era of Aquarius came along. During the transition time towards entering the new era, circumstances, Universal Laws and intervention gave way for Nature to become a priority again, thankfully!

There is so much meaning to Life.

As a child for me in school was mostly conventional and rote learning. There was no meaning in that. What was ought to have been taught was about how to truly understand our intuition and the invaluable paranormal aspects of life. Love and self worth being some of the most important learning keys to have. The simplest things in life often being the most rewarding and soul fulfilling.

Children are Always fascinated and curious with life, asking constant questions in hope for the answers that resonate with their soul. They love to draw, write, to create, to dance, sing, and play, and anything that allows their imagination to flow and evolve with time, and for some a lot of energy to display for it. Children are finding enormous satisfaction with enthusiasm and incredible energy, to build dreams. It is absolutely an Enchantment to watch. Children have extraordinary talents and gifted skills.

We all perceive something based on our own experiences and within the windows of our own soul. It is so amazing how we see the same photo or art piece at different times of our lives, surprised at how many different stories we can create, or view it. How we think and perceive can say a lot about ourselves, how we feel in a particular moment in life and our direction in life. We can always change and thus the story can always change.

Be surprised by the stories children also have to tell us. Children are so intuitive. It is so amazing what lessons children teach so many about the true meaning of life. Give a child an opportunity to tell a story. You may be surprised. Learn the wonders of what the little souls of our today’s time have to offer us now in return.

The Remarkable part of all this is we all have an inner child…..

Imagination is an amazing thing. Our building matter to creating our foundations to living and embracing life. It is what motivates us from a young age to define who we are, how we live, what we wish to achieve and inspiring us to the wonderful opportunities and joys of life.

We are now seeing the infinite possibilities of life in its expansive form. There is a Wealth of knowledge to be gained, love to be felt and happiness to be embraced, especially in the beauty of natural elements of Life. Even the Simplest things in Life can make one Smile and fill a Heart with Joy and Love.

Nature holds such an infinite potential for great wisdom to be gained, whether it be in the plants, the trees, the flowers, the ocean, the river, the pond, the creek, the animals, the insects, the birds, the soil, the sky, the clouds, the stars, the sun, the moon, the list is endless of possible natural elements.

Love has become the focus of the True Appreciation of Life now, as is our inner Guidance.

Love is everywhere, in our hearts, in the people we love, the animals and in nature. If only we stop to look at what nature has done for us, we will surely know what True Love means.”

Para Kas-Vetter

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