Synchronicity and Serendipity

Subject: Synchronicity and Serendipity
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Synchronicity and Serendipity led, to my huge surprise, a writing I wrote many years ago as Para Kas’s “Angelic Healing Services”, now known as “Sòlance Voyage Gallery”. The writing is so thought provoking that it is as relevant today as it was then. Although for me, the experiences led to greater knowledge and deeper wisdom, dreams came true that I never ever imagined before.

“Sometimes the greatest dreams that come true are the dreams you never knew you had…..paths you didn’t know you were meant to walk… day you look back and realize you’ve climbed…..the most Beautiful Mountain top.”

“The journey itself will change you forever, not only your priorities but your passions. It alters not only your direction but your desires. It transforms not only your actions but your values…..”

 Erwin Raphael McManus – Stand against the wind: Awaken the Hero within

I believe….I truly do…..

I thought about something valuable this morning and wanted to share it with you.

It is sad that when things do not go the way we want we lose ourselves and let go of our faith in spirituality. When we become impatient it is sad that we lose that spirituality. It’s sad when we believe so wholeheartedly one moment and then when something goes wrong we not only discourage those around us but ourselves in believing. Spirituality is about taking all the tools that we have from within and rebuilding our strength to move on. Life is not about if things do not go our way that life sucks as many say. Life is beautiful and life is about facing those challenges with the lessons we have learnt, and going within to get access to the tools we have to solve these challenges.

Life is not about only ups. It is being able to get through the downs and allowing ourselves to grow and become wiser.

I once was so lost and so afraid. And I realised from a very close friend which I do have a connection with that fear tends to consume you so much that faith is lost. When we have no faith or trust in ourselves, when fear consumes us to the point that we are so insecure and afraid of taking that little baby step ahead, we stop believing, stop dreaming and stop living, and hence our soul stops evolving.

I know I have had to remove myself from certain special people in my life so I can go on with my own personal journey, and especially in this crucial time where I am in such blissful state that I have never felt before. But I also realise that in removing myself to experience this blissful state, I am neglecting those in need of this experience also. Maybe that is because I have never thought of myself before and I want to be selfish for a little while. Maybe I just don’t want to be discouraged from experiencing this blissful feeling.

Sometimes I feel I am alone in not having anyone to share my faith with, where I believe so wholeheartedly about things that I have no way of explaining it. Yes there are those out there who are sceptical, but as long as I truly believe that is all that matters.

I have this deep knowingness and yes I too frighten myself with this extraordinary experience, this feeling of being in awe by the most beautiful things that happen to me, the things I see and feel. I am not able to explain it. Just that I know, and I believe so wholeheartedly in dreams.

Since as little as I can remember all that I have wished and dreamt of, even the littlest things have come true, and sometimes something far more magical and magnificent then what I had hoped for.

I may have gone through so much in life and I may have had to rebuild my whole life, but the life I have now is far more meaningful than I have ever hoped possible, and I am such in awe by the whole experience. Yes I too have been and still go through moment when I wonder is this real, and doubt and also even become afraid, but I just allow myself to feel this way and yet accept and embrace those feeling knowing that they are not me, for my soul believes without a doubt and has no fear. It is just my temple feeling this way and I need to nourish it with love, and accept and acknowledge how it feels for in doing so it is amazing how much more light you see, and how much more trust you come to have.

No body said it would be easy. That is the beauty of it, hard as it may be at times to be able to get out of the darkness, or to see the light getting brighter each time. It is such a beautiful experience when things work themselves out or things in our lives become brighter that we just are so overwhelmed with joy by the most extraordinary feeling of accomplishments and things going our way…..its like Christmas has come and we are this little child who gets this beautiful toy, our eyes light up with such joy and such peace…it is such an incredible experience….

We often hold onto the past because we fear of the unknown ahead. Better to hold onto pain then face something that is frightening because we have never experienced it before. It is hard at times for me to put down what I am feeling. All I know is the time goes by and although I even to this day have to make these most difficult it seems decisions at the time, once I face them, make them and confront what I need to grow, I am so relieved with joy that I reflect and say to myself that was not so bad after all, or I am so glad I did that. I may be so frightened paralysed with fear and then once that is over I think why I put myself through that. It was not that bad after all. Why did I have to put myself through that trauma of fear?

I know the hardest for me is certain dreams my entire life take time to manifest into its perfect state and there have been moments I wish I had it now. Sometimes that is not possible and I see clearer and clearer now that we need to trust the Universe, that the Universe knows what’s best for us. In the end all dreams do come true and those that don’t something far more magnificent comes our way that we never thought possible….it’s ok to dream…dream…..for all dreams do become possible………..

Para Kas, Angelic Healing Services

5th November 2005”

NOTE: Notice that the numbers of the date shown above are relevant right now.

5 11 2 00 5 = 5225, 00 (adding master numbers in exceptional cases); 2020, 55

The message I see it as is: no matter which way you look at it and in which way you turn it, the changes were going to be. This was clearly a change in the making that suddenly we see it clearly true and unfolding today Positive Change, Unity, and Soul Connection to yourselves, the world and Universe as the ultimate goal.

Para Kas-Vetter

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