the unexpected: “ne plus ultra”

ne plus ultra

the highest point capable of being attained

the most profound degree of a quality or state

It’s the height, the zenith, the ultimate, the crown, the pinnacle. It’s the peak, the summit, the crest, the high-water mark. All these expressions, of course, mean “the highest point attainable.” But ne plus ultra may top them all when it comes to expressing in a sophisticated way that something is the peak of perfection. It is said that the term’s predecessor, non plus ultra, was inscribed on the Pillars of Hercules at the Strait of Gibraltar, which marked the western end of the classical world. The phrase served as a warning: “(Let there) not (be) more (sailing) beyond.” The New Latin version ne plus ultra, meaning “(go) no more beyond,” found its way into English in the 1630s.”

– The highest point, as of excellence or achievement; the ultimate.

– The most profound degree, as of a condition or quality.

– the extreme or utmost point; completeness; perfection.

– The uttermost point to which one can go or attain; hence, the summit of achievement; the highest point or degree

– the highest, point of which can be reached;

– the highest possible state, degree, or condition of quality;

This time in life there is a deep focus, a deep strong goal of merging going on to bring harmonious order on Earth. It is for this reason why right now the chaos and disorder has intensified but not for long.

There will be greater changes emphasized worldwide.

The reverse of certain events. It is pre-destined and it is paramount for the future. No technology or time line portals or interferences can stop this. It is what nature calls for and it is unstoppable. No ‘god’ can stop it, no one. It has been predicted for many lifetimes. It has been shown in a variety of ways. And it surely is confirmed. It is known by every one who works with nature. It is predicted by both sides of the coins. The stars show it constantly. The cards of all types show it.

Para Kas-Vetter

The message of Tao I Ching: 20.Contemplation

“….someone who raises himself (or herself) to a position in which he (or she) is able to contemplate the rest of humanity at the same time puts himself up for inspection by the crowd…”

Something worth reviewing:

“ ….the worshipper who has washed his hands, but not yet made the offering. Impressed by his sincerity, all look up to him………….Contemplation like a child Brings no reproach to the inferior man; But for the superior man, humiliation. The child watches from a distance, innocently but without understanding. There is a wise man at hand, not understood by the ordinary people; they do not suffer from their lack of understanding because he brings them benefits. But for the superior man such lack of comprehension is shameful……

Contemplation through the crack of the door is sufficient only for a housewife. Watching through the door-crack, looking outward from within, one sees a great deal but it is always the same view: it is related always to one’s personal domestic needs. A man (or a woman) who intends to take part in public life must have a much broader outlook than this.

Contemplation of ourselves Determines the choice Between advance and retreat…..…

It is no longer sufficient to observe the world with the innocent eye of the child, or from a self-centered viewpoint. One must strive to acquire objectivity by looking inward and observing one’s feelings and emotions, and learning from these, one begins to plan the future development of one’s life.

Contemplating the condition of the kingdom, He decides to seek a place at court And flourishes.

A man who understands the ways in which a kingdom is ruled should be given a position of authority; but he will be there more as a guest, acting on his own initiative, than as a minister of the king.

Contemplating his life, The superior man is without reproach. The man in a position of authority over others should be ready at all times to examine his motives and his past record. But he will not be brooding over past mistakes: he will be examining his influence upon others and, if this influence is good, he will enjoy the satisfaction of a career without blame.

Contemplating himself, The superior man is without reproach. This is the highest type of man who, after the deepest self-examination, has finally excluded all selfish interests. Liberated from his ego, he can contemplate the transcendental ways of heaven.”

Note he = he or she. Neil Powell, The Book of Change

Another important valuable information to note:

The Dragon

You tend to see the slaying of the dragon but no one has actually really understood the true definition of a dragon.

Now if we want to look at words and rituals, DRAG-ON can be regarded as something where there are always delays and no progress shown. It just plays the same old broken record so to speak, without actually something done to make that change to show evidence of progress. It’s like a boring old game that just lost its credibility or momentum or excitement to want to become a part of. And something often has to happen to stop that drag on appearance or feeling happening.

BUT what if I told you that sometimes just sometimes a delay that can be deeply annoying has a purpose. What if it is there for a very good reason/s. What if it is not about slaying a dragon or making this drag on for so long, but actually there is a twist to it.

Of course dragon in so many myths and mythology is not always about slaying a dragon, but of a protector. One that actually protects.

Additional Messages:

– don’t play with fire. Not literally but in terms of don’t mess with the Universal forces, or Nature or the Natural elements of life.

– Don’t muck around with those that have a very important role to play one that is not egocentric, one that is not out to tell, one that is more for the good and one that holds a true authentic purpose. Maybe they don’t know it yet, maybe they are unaware or just maybe they play ‘dumb’ for a very good reason…………………….…

– When we are given dates often there are a number of dates given.


According to Jane Struthers, The Book of Destinies, “dragons more than live up to their name. If you annoy one, it won’t be long before they start breathing fire, stamping their feet and swishing their tails about. You can expect sparks to fly, and you’ll be left in no doubt that you’ve transgressed in some way.”

Dragons are actually very gentle warm hearted souls that want only a harmonious content life filled with joy. So don’t ‘muck’ with life. In the ‘long run’, not worth it.

And something to ponder upon:


“- the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection

– a perceived meaningful coincidence

– the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (such as similar thoughts in widely separated persons or a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens) that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality

– Most people experience surprising coincidences from time to time. For example, you might encounter a reference to some obscure event in history for the first time and then see several unrelated references to the same event soon afterwards.

– In his most famous description of synchronicity, Jung told a story about a man named Monsieur Deschamps and plum pudding. Deschamps’ neighbor, Monsieur de Fontgibu, gave him plum pudding. In Paris ten years later, Deschamps orders plum pudding in a restaurant but discovers that the last serving was sold to de Fontgibu, who is unexpectedly in town and at that same restaurant. Years later, Deschamps is once again offered plum pudding at a social gathering. As Deschamps tells the gathering about the earlier coincidences, he is shocked to see de Fontgibu come in the door.

– The concept of synchronicity is somewhat related to the concept of serendipity .”

Variety of sources

“The serendipitous can play an important role in the search for truth.”

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