11 September (911)-21 December 2020: The Major Change

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Subject: A choice in life
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Date: Wed, 07/10/2020 19:06

A choice in life

Precious ‘Paskalia’ thank you with all of my Soul for forwarding this video to us.

Today is a very significant point of my life and I feel deeply important to say this to you Patrick DaCosta. Words cannot convey enough the enormity of gratitude to you. When our website was shut down and erased April of 2019, just prior to May 2019 Australian Federal elections, it took enormous regrouping, courage and guidance to contact you with the hope that we would be able to utilise your platform about World Events, to continue to spread the truth and raise awareness. What you did for me is unforgettably deeply moving and humble. Thank you. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Because of you I was able to continue to have articles published about Truths, Philosophical and Spiritual aspects of life, and Guidance, whilst rebuilding our website. I will forever be grateful. You also helped a lot of people and others be able to get the truths out there as well.

The video is deeply heartfelt. At the marker 1.59 Minutes tears started to flow of the innocence of a little child wanting to hug a soul he admires.

The video reflects on choices in life, major changes and what we trully do want for the future of this planet.

This is for Grace and LOVE of and on Earth to come fully alive again.

Lots of Love Para Kas-Vetter xoxoxoxoxox

The Video: They lied about him – the choice should be easy https://youtu.be/ZYvzYPjFr-I 4.47 minutes


OSTF Unilateral Declaration 12.10.2020

Original Sovereign Tribal Federation Video

Lorie Ladd


CHECKMATE! PROPHECY & URGENT WARNING ~ Claire Edwards, Steven Whybrow, John Kitson [Age Of Truth TV]

It deserves a standing ovation how the patriots from all over the world have joined forces to win the battle of Good vs. Evil for us to free the world’s population from [sat]anic evil.

Rinus Verhagen


Giving Voice to a New Age Philosophy | Steve Beckow


Beautiful Relaxing Music: Romantic Music, Piano Music, Violin Music, Cello Music, Sleep Music ★93

“Many will soon discover that they have ended decades-long friendships in order to defend rapists and traitors. It is going to be agony for them. They cannot be shielded from the consequences of their foolish choices. Let their stories of regret be a legacy to humanity’s future.” — Martin Geddes (@martingeddes) October 19, 2020

Daily Teachings of the Masters

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

You are learning to be in charge of your own reality.

Remembering that it is not circumstances but how they are perceived.

Hold a candle, a vigil and the truth, the way will be revealed.

You cannot avoid this step.

You are the light and the way.

This means that you are sourcing the path from within.

By offering your light.

As you choose to be the light of the world.



(Official Trailer) THRIVE II: This Is What It Takes

JFK Jnr and Donald Trump

‘Dark to Light’
©Cindy Lever Photography

“In due time, the public will face damning revelations that will shock their perception of reality to its core. The mainstream narrative needs to be first crafted and shaped in a way so that the majority of the ignorant populace is prepared to receive plenty of heavy, hard-hitting truths and facts.”


“I reach out in this manner because much of our world media is currently facing Justice under Rico Laws of the United States of America.

Recent Illustrations of Crimes Committed against the American People, Foreign Peoples and Children of the World, has left the entire planet gripped with disillusionment and disbelief.

As The President of the United States of America I would like to apologize for the crimes committed in the name of our Country.

America’s Message to the World is this: “It is time to heal and build a new tomorrow. It’s time to build a World filled with Truth and Justice, honour and character . . . for ourselves and our children.

To those people that are found on our “F B I Special Project Most Wanted List” I say the following: The World Doesn’t Care how important you were: Politicians, Crown Prince, Business Leaders and others: If you are on the list this message applies to you.

Your efforts to engage in Criminal Acts have been discovered by intelligence agents and police, who have searched the data-base of the internet to uncover crimes against humanity. For This, you will pay the following price:

I thereby request that all the men and women on that list to surrender to your nearest law enforcement agency (wherever you are) at which time extradition documents will be forwarded to that police agency and you will be transported to the United States of America: where will receive a fair trial.

Any delays in this procedure caused by the need to correct defects in our Justice System are not our concern. You will be tried in time.

Failure to report for arrest within the next twenty-four (24) hours, will result in your name being added to an Executive Order; under which I will instruct Police to track you down and execute you where you sleep. There will be no exceptions.

My next Executive Order will be to Execute all P[e]dophiles. There will be no exceptions.

Donald J. Trump

President of the United States of America”

The Significant Times – The Awakening

1:03:01 So this is a moment you can remember when you heard about the changing of the tide and dark to light… and the power of God came back to the people and we took the power back and we now make the Timeline and we now make now Time flows and we are in service to each other… and in service to God and Christ… and we are NOT in service to the ca_bal anymore… NO MORE… NEVER AGAIN…

1:03:25 We care about our children and our children will no longer be harvested for their addictions… our children will be honored and get full lives and children and grandchildren… and be treated with respect and dignity… in the province of god… and they will be treated with kindness… they will never be treated like this EVER AGAIN…

1:05:50 SpirituallyRAW: Amen… Amen…

1:04 Gene Decode: As it is said let it be done and sealed on Earth as in Heaven by the power of the one True God of all Love, Light, Compassion and Creation, of all that’s Holy, and his only son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit… Amen…


Australia’s politicians, past and present, are compromised and a national security threat. How can we allow corrupt and compromised politicians to make any decision on behalf of us? None of their laws are constitutional or valid. Who really runs Australia? https://twitter.com/awakeinaus_/status/1319381220761894912


Dear one, be proud of what you have accomplished so far. You are living through one of the most trying times in human history! You can see through fear and anger to what lies beyond this moment. You continue to shine even though you may be tired, and you have not given up. The Universe watches joyfully, celebrates as you overcome each obstacle and is supporting you when you need it most. Take some time and recognize that within yourself…you deserve it. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner


Justice Amy Coney Barrett: Senate CONFIRMS Trump appointee to US Supreme Court

27 Oct, 2020 00:00 / Updated 1 hour ago



A Working Class view of American Politics from Across the Pond By Kangaroo



Please note that Joosee Wolter is actually Wolter(first name) and Joosee(surname)

The Police are starting to take action to help the people of Australia regarding Covid 19 Truths. The open letter from Police force NSW, Australia, to Police Commissioner…..



PDF in screenshots pages 1-7

The Video: https://www.facebook.com/graeme.little.9849/videos/1792017860953216/?t=0

“Live at Police Headquarters at 313 Spencer Street Melbourne Australia reporting THEFT of Rain-making Control Act 1967 archives ; PLUS RECRUIT VIC POLICE to join the 70 NSW whistleblower cops called COPS FOR COVID TRUTH ; plus report Conspiracy admitted by Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt that the government is lying about flu stats and failing to do the required surveillance of flu viruses { bumped into Channel 9 reporter at the start of live and gave him the NSW police whistleblower document}
MY EMAIL glittle@fightpharmacorruption.com
MY MOBILE +61434178638
– here is the link to the SEVEN PAGE WHISTLEBLOWER letter from Nsw cops https://12224e9c-a5fa-4daf-962b-f9379e0c0efa.filesusr.com/… or the full website link – https://advocateme.wixsite.com/copsforcovidtruth/the-project

and the Rain-Making Control Act 1967 https://www.legislation.vic.gov.au/…/rain-making-contro…/016
Plus Here is the latest admitted lies of the Australian Government in failing to monitor flu cases in 2020 https://www1.health.gov.au/…/Cont…/ozflu-surveil-no13-20.htm


TRUMP: “…..We did win this election…”We’ll be going to the U.S. Supreme Court….”

“Aussie Dr McGregor”


“….President Trump and the Alliance need to SHOW the public the total corruption of the MSM and [D]eep [S]tate.

The Alliance is always in FULL control.”


“The truth has always been within, that small voice from the heart that tells you something just is not right.That voice is going to get louder despite the fake news and lame stream corporate owned, MK Ultra media. The truth has been revealed as to the democratic agenda and the corruption replete within the party.” James Gilliland

“….And so hold on when there is nothing in you except the strength to face the dawn….” Hold the Line!

‘The Light wins – and the dark will be seen. And we’ve got to go through it…This is happening for the evolution of humanity…The old system is being dismantled. We cannot go back to the old system.’

‘Focus on the highest timeline. Trust that the Light wins. This is a massive human collective shift. We get through it. We get through the crazy election. We are breaking out of the matrix.’

Trust President Trump, the Alliance and the Cue team. Remember Cue’s favorite phrase: ‘The future proves the past.’

Everything you are currently seeing regarding the election fraud is part of the Divine Plan. Humanity must be SHOWN the [D]eep [S]tate corruption. They are so entrenched in the MSM mind-control, they will not listen. They must be SHOWN.”

“TRUST THE PLAN! The Light has already won.”

“There are clear signs that the Alliance set up a sting operation to catch the [D]eep [S]tate cheating.”


IT WAS A TRAP!!!!!!! https://t.co/FD3Uxy7jBHpic.twitter.com/0dmPaE9HRM

— All 50 News (@All50News) November 4, 2020

“….we EXPECTED this to happen. We were warned by Cue. The Alliance is prepared.


For those prone to panic, remember this WAS predicted which means our military IS prepared.

We still hold all the Trump cards. Trump isn’t using them yet which means he doesn’t need to use them yet.


— ???? 3Days3Nights ???? (@3days3nights) November 4, 2020

Words of encouragement from General Flynn.


Wise words from a wise man. https://t.co/AMAaYK2bOe

— TheAwakeningConversation (@AwakenConverse) November 4, 2020

The final word goes to another of my crushes, Senator Jim Jordan…


Fight the good fight. Finish the race. Keep the faith.

— Rep. Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) November 4, 2020

Hold the line, World Patriots. Do not give into fear and panic. WE’VE GOT THIS…!

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)”


Lorie Ladd’s latest video brings a powerful message.


Dearest Sierra, with all of our Hearts THANK YOU for adding this to your article:https://operationdisclosure1.blogspot.com/2020/11/the-light-wins-hold-line-it-was-trap.html.

Lorie Ladd’s video is VERY!!!!! Positive!!!!!!!!

It will help regain clarity and understanding, and thus inspiration, for those who are currently feeling confused, lost and afraid.

I love you all Lots of Love Para xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Dr. Steve Pieczenik: “We watermarked every ballot with a QFS blockchain encryption code”

Thank you President Trump, First Lady, Trump Family, White Hats, Military, National Guards, Block Chain inventors, NESARA Teams, White House Staff and Maria Bartiromo!!! You all sure make a difference!

We Love You Mr. President!


How the blockchain is changing money and business | Don Tapscott

“The reactions from around the world are absolutely amazing, everyone betrays their own position.

The alliance team has set a trap where there is no way out, and every betrayal has become visible, even which players of world Cabal members are now exposing themselves.

They have chosen the rope to hang themselves on.

The eagerness of the D|eep State Dem|ons to vote by mail has sealed their downfall by their own criminal greed.

The ballots delivered by Trump had several characteristics from which one can determine the authenticity and location.”

Hold the Line || Rinus Verhagen




“….we’re living in The Great Awakening…We’re waking up to TRUTH….on that journey we’ll be exposing all the lies… and all the corruption…But now we’ll start to see what’s true and what’s not true…”https://operationdisclosure1.blogspot.com/2020/11/3-charlie-ward-videos-turn-off-your-tv.html#more

The Butterfly Effect:The TRUMP-ET

“Truth at last cannot be hidden. Dissimulation is of no avail. Dissimulation is to no purpose before so great a judge. Falsehood puts on a mask. Nothing is hidden under the sun.” – Leonardo da Vinci

“All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.” – Francis of Assisi

Remembrance day

Oil Painting ©Para Kas-Vetter

In Honour of life’s irrepressible urge to thrive and in memory of all those who have been persecuted or killed for their commitment to Truth and Justice, we gratefully invoke their courage as we come together to stand up for our lives.” Foster Gamble and his wife Kimberley Carter Gamble; Producer and Director, Creator and Host of “Thrive”

BAR Association and Jon Rappoport’s Revelations Regarding WHO and the CDC || Joosse Wolter

“…..2. What? it took 23 million offences, some of which exceeded $11billion per transaction before AUSTRAC discovered these crimes? Then to consider, that only 2 years earlier the Commonwealth Bank of Australia [CBA] had been found guilty of exactly the same offences?

3. What? the penalty will be tax deductable? Since when are penalties related to crimes tax deductable? Should we all now claim our traffic infringement notices? This ‘agreement’ would mean that it would not cost the bank a cent because the penalty would be offset against profits earned in the coming years. In reality the Australian tax payers would pay the $1.3 billion. But then such agreement would of course keep share-holders happy and the criminal Board of Directors in place. All is good, no court case, no name dropping, no finger pointing. Nicely swept under the carpet. Then to consider that Mr Porter is the Attorney-General and is highly paid to know the law. Aiding and abetting criminals, or concealing such a crime constitutes misprision, an equal crime under the Crimes Act 1914.

4. Oh yes, the Government is serious and won’t tolerate serious non-compliance. That must certainly be obvious to all. But did it not happen only 2 years earlier? Why were the traffickers not arrested? The more likely scenario is that a lot of bad d|eep state actors, which would include ministers, judges, politicians, bankers, CEO’s and others, quickly tried to ship their bounty off shore and out of sight, not realizing that the Quantum System had already been tested and was in operation. Hence all their stolen loot will go into nowhere and will eventually be returned to the Australian people from whom it was stolen. Now that they lost their money, they are now trying to get it back via the Tax Office. But in doing so they have clearly identified themselves to be targets for prosecution.”

“You do not need to have a ‘law’ degree and be accredited by the BAR association to understand, that if you violate an existing law you commit a criminal offence and become subject to the prescribed penalty within the [Crimes] Act. The [above] alleged crime related to laundering funds for drugs and people traffickers. Can you imagine a worse crime?”



“My fellow Americans, I stand here, with all that feel as I do, disgusted with this lie – that Biden has been chosen,” “As if we all don’t know the truth. And when one tries to deceive, we know that one can’t get away with it. There will be a price to pay.”

“The ones who are jumping for joy now, are jumping toward the horror they will be in for. Because I know that the promises made from the left to the American people will never come to be. “My friends, of all colors, races, and religions, this is now our greatest fight – since the Civil War.”

For Voight, this is a “battle of righteousness – versus Satan. Yes, Satan. Because these leftists are evil – corrupt – and they want to tear down this nation.”

“We must fight for the good that seems lost. Let us give our trust to God. And fight now for Trump’s victory,”

“Let us fight this fight as if it our last fight on Earth.”

We all know the truth pic.twitter.com/Jf2UXj1Vn0

— Jon Voight (@jonvoight) November 11, 2020

Embrace being an outsider

“The future belongs to the dreamers, not to the critics. The future belongs to the people who follow their heart, no matter what the critics say, because they truly believe in their vision.”

“Never, ever give up………Just never quit…….‘I can do it, I can do it. I will do it.’ You’re going to be successful.”

“Never stop fighting for what you believe in and for the people who care about you.”

“The more people tell you it’s not possible, that it can’t be done, the more you should be absolutely determined to prove them wrong. Treat the word ‘impossible’ as nothing more than motivation.”

“Relish the opportunity to be an outsider. Embrace that label — being an outsider is fine, embrace the label — because it’s the outsiders who change the world and who make a real and lasting difference.”

President Donald Trump

“no amount of money can buy trust, morals and integrity” Vasant WAGH

“Bureaucrats are a particular type of being; different from regular people. They exist to be the cogs in political and corporate machines. The companies and agencies that employ bureaucrats seek people who are predictable, which provides those same companies and agencies with control over their “human resources”.

There are certain characteristics that apply to all bureaucrats. These characteristics are present in every bureaucrat because if they didn’t have them then they would not be hired as bureaucrats.” By Brent Johnson

“….words from The Pillar of Light in The Gospel of Our Mother God:

Hold thou fast to the Truth, for the Truth is a pillar; a steadifast pillar that all the world cannot shake. Not by the breadth of an hair has it moved since time’s dawning, neither yet by the breadth of an hair until time have its end. From the uttermost height of the Heaven descendeth the pillar; descendeth it down as a glorious pillar of Light. To the nethermost depths of the hells it descendeth; nor the might of the demons can move it by the breadth of an hair.

Like to a mist is this world that surroundeth the pillar; to a mist that is swiftly dispelled by the cold wind of death. Hold you fast to the Truth, for the Truth is thy shelter; sure refuge ‘gainst which neither death nor the storm shall prevail. The world shall be scattered like straw, and an hundred shall follow; and each in its turn shall be scattered like chaff on the wind. The empires are born and decay, the stars live and perish, but the pillar of Truth moveth not by the breadth of an hair.”


“Is Humanity a Lost Cause?

I’ve heard more than once about how many star-nations have written us off as hopeless because we’re so messed up and entrenched in a negative, self-destructive loop. What they don’t realize is that things ain’t exactly normal down here.

We have been subjugated, mind-controlled, dumbed-down with fluoride (a known toxin) in our drinking water, GMO’s in our food, vaccines that slowly kill and contain RNA “re-writes” as well as nanobots that can be activated by 5G to affect our behavior (think cyborg), chemtrails containing barrium, aluminum, strontium and other toxins. We get death from the skies, death in our water and death in our food, not to mention continual mind-numbing negativity and hopelessness broadcast 24/7 from the main-stream news media.

Is it any wonder that we’re so messed up? Is it really our fault? It’s been said that we originally had 10 strands of our DNA disconnected, shielding us from our higher powers and knowledge of our divinity so we would be easier to control by the powers-that-be over the ages……..

But in the end… WE WIN and will not die off or fade into oblivion. We have immense help from the higher realms.” By SteveG




“There is no vaccine!

AAAAAAND We STILL have comments with people discussing that there is a vaccine and there was this side effect and that side effect!!!! I HONESTLY DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THOSE OF YOU WHO DO NOT GET THE MESSAGE YET!!! THERE. IS. NO. VACCINE. Everything you watch on the mainstream media, from the plans, to the numbers, to the side effects, to the reports on trials, to the expert medical staff that they interview on what happens next, to the NURSES YOU KNOW who say that “they have been told” – IS ALL A FALSE NEWS, FAKE STORY, ORCHESTRATED, COMPARTMENTALISED, MOVIE!! That’s it! They need to keep you in fear, they need to keep you talking about it, because the Dark Sorcery they normally perform in order to maintain their grip on the power structure of this reality, has been taken from them. Understand THAT, and you will finally get what is at play here …”

Quantum Truths JC Kay

The cabal do not possess the key to keep us locked into the matrix.

“Deep state cabal are rowing up a river with one paddle. They know your consciousness is needed to create a reality of their design but one element is missing from the magic that has been stripped from them.

They do not possess the key to keep us locked into the matrix. That has been taken from them……………..rendering their sorcery useless……..

…the keys to the kingdom of heaven. The keys to this reality that is this matrix. They have been stripped of them.

We see the fallout now with their efforts being foiled. They cannot power up the matrix machine without the missing spark plug so they fake it.”

J C Kay

“J C Kay. She is, I firmly feel and believe, a genuine and most beautiful spirit who is naturally gifted and empowered. Her visions which she shares, with all who are interested, will assist us to enlightenment.”

Joosse Wolter


The December 2020 SHIFT – 5 Things You Need to Know!

Melanie Beckler

Dear Friends of the Galactic Council || Anna Von Reitz

“No, we are not innately nor inherently self-destructive. We do not have a death wish for ourselves or other creatures. The actual Government of this country has not been at war since 1814.

We have been driven half-mad by the conditions imposed upon us by Galactic Criminals as you well know, for you are all responsible for allowing this to go on for the last 32,000 Earth Years.

For your amusement, for your experimentation, for your advantage in trade, for your beliefs, for your prejudices, and yes, for your fears, this planet and these people and all the animals have suffered and the Sons of the Saturnine Brotherhood have waged unrelenting, ruthless, piratical war against all sense and moral decency and reason.

They have trampled Universal Law and you have sat there and not lifted a finger; as a result, the fury of the Primal Creator has been engendered and is a flame already burning in the sky.

This time it won’t be any gentle “Jesus” accepting the spite and mockery of these Accusers who stand accused by me and many others, as hypocrites, liars, murderers, and thieves who do not honor Creation nor understand the Creators.

The time has come for the Galactic Council to take a stand and stop waffling around. There is no excuse for prolonging any war of the spirit or tolerating any more ignorance about the nature of “time”, the uselessness of lies, the correction of mathematics, the secret of physicality, and equally, no reason to listen to those portraying our race as hopeless and ripe for eternal judgement.

The ones worthy of eternal judgement are those who have accused us of doing what they have done, the ones who Breached the Public Trust, lied under Oath, lied by Omission, lied with purposeful malice aforethought, who murdered billions of people for profit, who spread the lies of money, who enforce a pathetic and False Doctrine of Scarcity and who will reliably cause more trouble if they are not stopped and held to account.”


The People Want Truth from our Leaders || Marc (Reader)


Donald J. Trump: The Long Road to the White House (1980 – 2017)


Trump 2020 Prophecy – Kim Clement


2020 Apocalypse

Uluru and the Rainbow – image by tour guide Thomas Nixon

The Great Ngaltawaddi Ceremony Solstice 21st December 2020

A World Call to Align in Ceremony

Australia was the first continent to exist. Through Uluru, the Earth Mother, through an almost inconceivable feat of maternity, gave birth to the rest of the world. At Uluru you travel through time, and enter deeply into the core consciousness of the earth.

Uluru is the embodiment of foreverness.

When you encounter Uluru, the divine force of Original Creation leaps out of the Present Instant and overwhelms you with wonder.  What you are now experiencing is literally occuring in Ancient Dreamtime (Dreaming), before humans were present in the area.

Aborigines (Original peoples) have no sense of historical time.  All is in the present moment.  Their major rituals invoke ancient Creation Times directly into the Present Instant, thus refeshing and recreating all things.  One of the great benefits of this recreation is to strengthen the Will to Live, the Will for Life. 

There is an Aboriginal (Original peoples) saying, ‘the dead walk backwards into the past’.  They have only one word for yesterday and tomorrow, which means anothertime.  Original Dreamtime (Dreaming) is eternally co-existent with the Present Instant of Time.

Uluru is the kin of stars and planets. Uluru has a very special connection to the Sun. The archetypes of planetary navel and solar umbilical cord are both present at Uluru.

Uluru is a seamless divinity.

Uluru is the kin of stars and planets.

Uluru also has a very special connection to the Sun.  The archetypes of planetary navel and solar umbilical cord are both present at Uluru.

The word Uluru derives from the Liritja word “luru”. This word refers to parallel lines drawn on sacred objects, often in a secret ritual to create peace and harmony. The great rock is called Uluru because there is a great significance in the parallel sedimentary lines. Uluru is a protrusion of the earth’s crust that has tipped over almost 90 degrees, so that normally horizontal layers of sediment are made almost vertical. The message is this: the direction in which Uluru’s parallel lines point from southeast to northwest is of vital significance, for this is the pathway of the global Rainbow Serpent. Because of this, one of the many names of the Rainbow Serpent is Uluru. Those who named Uluru knew the great secret of the Rainbow Serpent – it passed through the site, and extened itself as a telluric current in both directions beyond the horizons.

Uluru is a great ritual device dedicated to the creation of peace and harmony. The earth energies of Uluru contribute to the resolution of global conflicts. The parallel lines of the site point the way of the Rainbow Serpent around the World. From Uluru the circle of health and greater planetary vitality flows forever.

The Rainbow is the symbol of the Rainbow Serpent and is a promise from the Earth Mother that some day the Great Ritual shall be enacted.

Now is the time (Solstice, December 21st 2020) for the successful completion of this ritual.  In doing so it will raise the evolutionary pulse of life on earth to new levels.” Robert Coon


The Great Shift 21/12/20 at Uluru

By Rachel Scoltock

Can you feel it? The energy is building up for the Great Shift on December 21st 2020!

This line in the sand moment is going to ripple across the world but it begins at Uluru, NT, Australia.

Uluru is a sacred site owned by the Anangu Traditional Owners who have occupied the area since time began.

Uluru (dubbed Ayers Rock by the European colonists) is the solar plexus chakra of the world, a power site with immense energy sitting on crucial songlines.

The traditional owners are said to be holding  sacred ceremony there on the 21st December 2020 to unlock the energies as the 

At the same time as this long prophesied shift ( said to be the beginning of the age of Aquarius) there is a once in 3000 year planetary Jupiter/ Saturn conjunction and the Solstice.

This shift is said to be a gateway or a portal which will positively  uplift the earth  frequency changing the world on a massive scale, bringing peace, harmony and illuminating the ley lines of the planet.

The Schumann resonance scale is already showing enormous changes in the frequency of the earth.


So what does this mean for you?

  • This is a shift that will impact all of humanity, it will reignite and empower all the sacred sites of the world which have been drained by their misuse, abuse and fear in the world.
  • This is a chance for us to start living aligned with peace, love and unity not fear, greed and division. Making it easier to live without fear, to make choices based on your heart rather than fear. To listen to your soul, to know and be your authentic self.
  • To have the Indigenous wisdom keepers and guardians of this world be in their rightful spot – respected, teaching and leading us to mend the planet and take care of her as we should.
  • To raise the earth frequency up 
  • to raise collective energy from the frankly insane low, destructive levels we’ve allowed it to fall to.
  • There are other reasons and outcomes , many unknown by me and people like me,
  • known by the Anangu and other Indigenous people of Australia and the world.

What you can do

This will begin  21/12/2020 at around 9.04 pm Northern Territory Australia time.

You are asked to send pure intentions of Divine Love,  light, prayers, and visualize light.

You do not need to be there. Energy goes where thoughts flow. 

Before that you are asked to purify yourself and your intentions and send pure love, daily if you can. Use the violet flame, angels, saging yourself, chanting, meditation to cleanse yourself and your space.

Send love to Uluru and to the intention of immense light and peace spreading across the globe for the highest good of all.

Hold the planet, all creatures, people, plants,  minerals, the sky, stars, sun, moon and your own life in gratitude. Wishing only loving kindness and peace for all. Visualize pure whitelight and send angels. That day at some time. Just do your best! Pure intentions create pure outcomes! 

Let the Indigenous Law Keepers do their work.

The last thing that is needed is a “new age” appropriation of this situation. This isn’t about ego,  or self, or appearing the most spiritual! That shiz will kick back! It’s about holding space for the earth and doing our individual darnedest to be respectful, present and lightfilled with intention and action. We are all one. Focus intently on uplifting the consciousness of mother earth. 

……………………No one can say what this upgrade in consciousness and frequency will look and feel like as it unfolds. There will be a crucial moment of light  though. It will likely unfold over many years. I feel that it will show in big and small ways, a feeling of lightness, an ease in restriction and heaviness that we have experienced in the past.

Thank you! Angel Blessings

Love and light Rachel Scoltock

It’s written in the stars

The planets and stars are shifting into dramatic positions and these celestial dramas are reflecting here on earth as political, financial, social and cultural chaos. This current dramatic shift we are experiencing will rapidly accelerate during the course of 2020 and will end with a dramatic closing scene.

This closing scene is the main event which will happen on 21 December 2020.

So let’s now walk through the 2020 celestial script, starting from the beginning of 2020 from January until December 2020 we will experience the very rare triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. These three planets are super energy planets, so for them to conjunct three times in one year is huge, to say the least. According to astrologers the last time Jupiter Saturn and Pluto were conjunct in Capricorn was in 1894 BCE, just over 3,000 years ago. And now it’s about to happen again in 2020. The 1894 BCE triple conjunction is said to have triggered the birth of the great Empire of Babylon and the Sumerian people that went on to rule and dominate the world for many millennia after. Now, three thousand years later, we will experience yet another great triple conjunction. However, unlike the triple conjunction that birthed Babylonia three thousand years ago which lasted only a few months, the coming Capricorn trifecta in 2020 will last almost an entire year. As you can see, for these titan energies to meet three times in one year is super rare. It marks significant and great change there’s absolutely no doubt about that. When Saturn and Jupiter meet it’s called a great conjunction as we’ve already established. Great conjunctions occur about every 20 years and are always preceded by great changes here on earth. However, not only are we going to have a Jupiter and Saturn great conjunction in 2020, incredibly this great conjunction happens to fall on 21 December, the time of our December solstice. Special Little EventsThis has not happened for thousands of years. Why is this significant? Well, every year on 21 December we have something called the solstice. On its own this is an astrological special little event for many reasons. During this time of the year, the Sun changes its celestial transitional path along the electromagnetic dome of our sky starting on the 21st and ending on the 25th of December – essentially the Sun allegorically dies on the 21st and is reborn on the 25th. In other words, the Sun changes its frequency, setting the tone for the upcoming solar year. This little event marks the birth of the Sun and a new solar year, it is also the shortest day of the year if you’re in the northern hemisphere or the longest day of the year if you’re in the southern hemisphere. This event happens every year, but the energy shift is so subtle we barely consciously notice any change. But that’s not the only solstice surprise of 2020. On the same day as the 21 June 2020 solstice we will also have an annular solar eclipse. Interestingly, we had a very dramatic annular solar eclipse on 26 December 2019, just after the December solstice. The Stage is SetAs you can already tell, the stage is set for cosmic drama in 2020. To have a rare 3,000 year triple conjunction, in a 33 year Saturn Pluto conjunction, a 13 year Jupiter Pluto conjunction and a 20 year Jupiter Saturn great conjunction that falls on the most significant solar day of the year – the December solstice; PLUS an annular solar eclipse, that also happens to fall on the exact same day as the June 2020 solstice, is incredibly mind-blowing to say the least. There’s no doubt the celestial plot is undeniable and unmistakable! When Saturn and Jupiter great conjunctions happen every twenty years they coincide with a certain zodiac constellation. Now, all great conjunctions, apart from one, since 1802 occurred in earth zodiac constellation signs. However, the next conjunction on 21 December 2020 will be at zero degrees in the constellation of Aquarius- an air sign. Great conjunctions in air elements are part of a large 140-year transitional cycle. Now, all great conjunctions from 2020 to 2159 will remain in air signs. the fact that the 2020 solstice great conjunction will happen at zero degrees of Aquarius is also incredibly significant. The zero-degree angle tells us that this is the beginning of something new – the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, the beginning of the air energy signs. This is the age of air energy, advanced technology, intellectual social change, rapid social progression, and new concepts that reshape our entire political and socio-economic system.These energies will be incredibly powerful from 21 December 2020 to the year 2159, as all great conjunctions between this time frame will be in air signs. Furthermore, many mainstream astrologers are predicting that the 2020 Saturn Jupiter great conjunction will be so close to one another that they will create what appears to be one large bright planet. This is because they will only be seven arc minutes apart during this conjunction, which is extremely close for such large and powerful bodies of energy especially considering the day on which this is happening the December solar solstice.


The Cosmic and Spiritual Significance of December 21, 2020

The Great conjunction occurs every twenty years or so, and is when both Jupiter and Saturn align at the same degree of the zodiac. 

The Great Conjunction represents a changing of an era, and a time where we shift our way of viewing the world. 

As our world view changes, so too does society and the way we choose to approach things. 

…………….. It will start to open our minds to higher levels of consciousness that understand that there is no separation between us.

The Great Conjunction in Aquarius can bring ideas of more community-based living, where we are all seen as equals, and where there is focus on everyone thriving rather than just a few individuals. 

While this is all beautiful energy and can help us to create a new world, we also have to be mindful of losing our sense of individuality, losing our own thoughts and beliefs in favor of what the masses think, and becoming more connected and overly reliant on technology.

The path we choose to take is the path we choose to focus on, which brings me to the incredible psychic energies that are also present on this day.

……………Our vibration hums the highest when we are true to how we feel and connected and accepting of who we are — flaws and all.

This “split” that is being created on Earth is ultimately helping us to reach new levels of growth. There will be more light on offer to us, and with this more hope, more peace, and more prosperity.

December 21st, 2020 would be the perfect day for a manifestation ritual, to visualize what you wish to attract and what you wish for the world.

It’s a good day to get clear on what you wish to focus on, to connect with your own spirituality, and to get super clear on your heart-focused intentions…………